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Replica Prada Madras Bag new series, but now there are a lot of stars back to this matter. Such as Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller, and so on. The entire series about three minutes so the picture style, but the color choices will be even greater. Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller left the back of the bird are Prada Madras Top Handle Flap Tote Bag red section. Prada Madras Top Handle Flap Tote Bag. The series flagship models, Prada 2014 autumn and winter series less static bags Logo design, so luxurious materials and innovative designs speak. Handbag, shoulder bag, sheepskin, crocodile skin and long, square, etc. with a variety of design and material selection for the whole series more attractive. Bags for all occasions how can we not impressive? United States Prada bags autumn and winter series includes an elongated square handbag shoulder bag and the two types of single product, both red, purple, orange and other bright colors, there are silver, black, gray and other neutral colors. Compared to the previous iconic bag, the series on the straps and buckles are made innovations by metal chain and leather shoulder strap combinations thereof, Twill decorative design package to ensure the safety of both surface package goods, but also with symmetrical geometric beauty to attract our attention.

Replica Prada brand from Italy’s fashion capital Milan, each series is full of exciting and unexpected elements, classic and always keep themselves in the face of ever changing maturity trend has been the eternal love of the world, classic the inverted triangle logo is much celebrity luxury. Prada Saffiano Leather package added a new classic –Twin bags, double handle handbags, fine metal parts, metal triangle cortex word LOGO, with a leather lining, a total of three internal compartments, including two mezzanine with zipper. UK Prada Saffiano Leather package added a new classic –Twin bags, double handle handbags, fine metal parts, metal word triangle cortex Logo, with a leather lining, a total of three internal compartments, including two mezzanine with zipper. Prada’s LOGO is very low-key, simple inverted triangle logo made of metal, says PRADA, MILANO and 1913, very simply explained the history of the brand. Prada’s most famous style is nylon bag commuter bag, this is a very special nylon parachute material, heat another toughness, thick and textured, not out dozens of pieces of imitation goods comparable. Style Description: completely new name of the 2012 autumn and winter series, that put the bag into the leopard is Prada would not recognize you, this type also are too old-fashioned. In this environment of domestic purchases, if everyone on this new design are not familiar with the new pattern, it is considered to be the possibility of a cottage pretty big bag. After all, animal patterns already noticeable texture is not easy, plus they are relatively high degree of imitation Prada.

Replica Prada Handbags

Time flies, timeless. Prada conservative and elegant performance characteristics of the new Galleria series bags. This new series of bags to Milan’s first historic facade shop named, in addition to the continuation of the classic contour shape, it is more daring with fashion hit color seal. Prada bag with bright colors and sometimes gives surprises, prada handbags if you think that only a few colors so classic, you’re wrong, bright yellow color, dazzling and warm body bag pattern is Winnie has been wearing a cute little panties, this bag is the swimming section of the Olympic family, it is people are not happy. Coupled with a pale yellow background Bear pattern, to add to the already numerous city a beautiful landscape, very graceful.

Replica Prada Handbags

The new Ms. calfskin Replica prada Hobo bag two color selection. Sometimes, it is precisely this pure was more breathtaking. By chance, or flying the red flag on one side of the square, or the corner of one flower girls jacket, arouse our desire for more color to the world moving. That summer sea breeze, had passed, with the windmills and the call of the waves whisper, of course, seagulls chirping, had passed that summer breeze. Summer passed, we will diligently and eyes to enjoy the winter it, the United States is unique in every season, are fascinating. Brand: Prada Material: soft calfskin handbag belt length: 19cm, zipper cap, built-in multi-function pocket, cell phone pocket, open pocket, etc., classic gold logo design, the bag size: 31cm (width) * 27cm (height) * 13cm (depth), Italy, for the crowd: ladies. Prada brand from Italy’s fashion capital Milan, each series is full of exciting and unexpected elements, classic and always keep themselves in the face of ever changing maturity trend has been the eternal love of the world, classic the inverted triangle logo is much celebrity luxury.

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Boutique replaced generation packet generation, want to succeed in all famous, and win favor lady, beautiful appearance alone is not enough, they have to have a good mind-known name. Early autumn new appearance package shall Replica FENDI By The Way Handbags, has a super funny name for this reason, makes one memorable than a mouthful hard to remember a bunch of designer bags, the first to have successfully courting. By The Way Handbags Replica Cheap shall look simple, compact, lightweight, there are two dimensions. With simple design and rounded lines of the main tune, just like a mini-Boston Bag. Using high-quality calfskin, with classic but evergreen black, blue and red, easy costume different style dress. Handbag embroidered on both sides of the handle a type of studs, reflecting the wild rock feel full. Attach the long detachable shoulder strap, can shoulder, shoulder and hand, a package arrived in three bags, no wonder charm can not be blocked. It is worth mentioning that the metal tag on the package is not only decorative, but also import custom concept customizable engraved initials or two letters, plus a lot of points. The most important is that this matter is a hatchback, single shoulder, hand and can easily “HOLD” live bag, snap-on and just the right length detachable strap can meet almost all daily needs, a an occasion to meet all attendance, reception, banquet! United States precisely because powerful, BY THE WAY handbags have now become the brightest stars and the influx of people’s favorite. Then with the playful fur accessories, yet lively fashion sense, their own DIY a different kind of style.

Fendi By The Way Handbags Replica

By The Way New Replica FENDI handbag is definitely the moment actress influx of people’s favorite. There is a sense of three-dimensional contour of the full leather texture and delicate mix of simple but not simple. Even better, this bag has a hand, shoulder and hand in three different ways, either with Oh Jun. Such casual and wild fashion items, has become the stars of the heart good. Boutique replaced generation packet generation, want to succeed in all famous, and win favor lady, beautiful appearance alone is not enough, they have to have a good mind-known name. Early autumn new appearance package shall FENDI Fendi Replica Handbags By The Way, has a super funny name for this reason, makes one memorable than a mouthful hard to remember a bunch of designer bags, the first to have successfully courting. Walk in the forefront of fashion models, designers, often regarded as a trial balloon pop. Was selected as the world’s hundred largest Brazilian supermodel sexy woman Izabel Goulart, before you take to destroy the sense of tannins BURBERRY windbreaker pants, wear this season’s most IN whims of wind, she did not forget to hand bag FENDI By The Way, foot high heels, add a little feminine.

Fendi By The Way Handbags Replica

Coincidentally, FENDI fourth-generation descendant, jewelry designer Delfina Delettrez same bag fancy By The Way, childhood environment steeped in fashion, her outfit with unique personal insights to their own way of interpreting the clutch package, plus ram to not do magic magic charms, gorgeous very playful. By The Way package shall look simple, compact, lightweight, there are two dimensions. Launched the first wave of blue, red, black and other basic colors, accompanied by long detachable shoulder strap, can shoulder, shoulder and hand, a package arrived in three bags, no wonder charm can not be blocked. It is worth mentioning that the metal tag on the package is not only decorative, but also import custom concept customizable engraved initials or two letters, plus a lot of points. Today, they have a good mind is undoubtedly one famous name fashion items stand out in the tens of millions in new ways. FENDI home so that you have an “over the ear unforgettable” bag –By The Way.

Fendi By The Way Handbags Replica

The launch by Silvia Venturini Replica Fendi handbags because the name has a super funny and simple appearance of the atmosphere and by the influx of people’s favorite. UK New Year and into a new bag, very red highlights recent Fendi BTW, this package from last year has been red to the beginning of this year, LZ did not hold back, and finally into a berry red, beaming good New Year. It can shoulder, diagonal (diagonal personally think this bag is not a good look at the relationship between shape and size), hand, wrist, set backpacks, bags and handbags as a whole, the overall design simple little closer to Celine atmospheric winds, whether casual or formal dress can easily mix, no wonder a lot of stars are also into. In addition I bought a red, I feel sky blue, gray and brown alligator tail is also very nice. By The Way The new series is not only holding handbags, shoulder and hand with three different ways, but in the show amazing creative use of color and material selection, Pilar chain crocodile, leather and furs hit color mosaic, sections are fashionable people’s favorite.

Fendi By The Way Handbags Replica

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annual leave series blew bursts of spring, still adhere to seek changes in the classic, the innovative designer Fendi logo. Combined with birds and flowers became a spring intent. Replica Fendi 2Jours Handbags launched a limited edition package is currently only sold in the London department store Harrods, only five. This package is fully build by hand, Fendi will launch a special video, record production process of this package. “2Jours” comes from the French Toujours, meaning “forever” or “eternal.” As usual, the design director Silvia Venturini Fendi committed to creating a timeless classic image of the handbag, this design is no exception. As the name handbags, each bag is loyal to the brand philosophy – duality (Dualism), a combination of two different materials, such as fur and leather dressed different to create a low-key luxury classic Fendi has been upheld innovation. Use of materials on more Silvia design skill, assembling geometric embroidery at Flamingo leather, special chrome tanned calf hair (Calf Hair), crocodile leather, calfskin and other elite.

Fendi 2Jours Totes Replica Handbags

Main winter pattern, such as bobcats and geometry, as seen in the handbag. In addition, this package is more practical functionality, in fact, both sides can be opened to increase with features such as large-capacity leaving space for women who have enough storage space for daily necessities. Especially the middle zipper pocket sandwich can be when used in order to put some carry small items, located above Bussell additional security measures can be enhanced, detachable shoulder strap, adding diversity to this package shall be used. Shuai yet elegant style will work especially for female friends. It is worth mentioning that the customized logo (available on the chrome three abbreviation), but also allows “2Jours” package is unique. 2012 autumn and winter 2Jours bag is most worthy of your attention new Fendi bag models, like Fendi’s extravagant control whether they are early in the autumn and winter of this year’s Fendi2012 women’s show, it has been noted that it does? 2Jours is a short handle care special package, the most obvious feature is the horizontal metal bar at the top of the bag, so that bag body has a strong sense of line, as well as the brand Replica Fendi bag decorated with small flags.

Fendi 2Jours Totes Replica Handbags

2Jours Elite Series design is simple, elegant, color hit color, solid colors and prints, etc. Such wild style of minimalism, but when the millennium, plus the star ladies who get together and children’s demonstration and interpretation, 2Jours does not want to fire all done! Gold accessories, positive brand identity, leather double handles, a detachable shoulder strap snap closure has a separate zippered pocket nylon lining, a cell phone pocket, a cell phone pocket, corner studs. It is time for the fall and winter wardrobe to purchase large stock! Highly practical Fendi 2012 autumn and winter series of flagship handbag styles “2Jours” worth considering. Customizable logo (available on the chrome three abbreviation) leaving “2Jours” package is unique. Socialite Olivia Palermo and tidal mother Sarah Jessica Parker can not wait to bring it out of the street! While it is still summer, but always one step ahead of the “fine fashion” who have already begun to prepare for the autumn and winter dress up, Poster Girl is also in finding the most IN, most tasteful 2012 autumn and winter fashion items of it ? When it comes to autumn and winter essential leather, fur a single product, then you must be the most Fendi brand not to be missed.

Fendi 2Jours Totes Replica Handbags

Fendi 2012 autumn and winter fashion, accessories, and what distinctive characteristic? Fendi autumn and winter preview the event to look at it. Fendi autumn and winter, in the “accessories articles”, you will see the fall and winter the most IN Fendi bag, delicate and beautiful ornaments fur shoes, cute clutch and other merchandise have loved a single product. 2012 autumn and winter 2Jours bag is most worthy of your attention new Fendi accessories, like Fendi’s BaoYou whether early in the autumn and winter women Fendi show earlier this year, it has been noticed that it? 2Jours is a short handle tote bag, the most obvious feature is the horizontal metal bar at the top of the bag, so that bag body has a strong sense of line, as well as the brand Fendi bags decorated with small flags. There are two sizes available 2Jours bag, geometric design, simple structure, including surface material is very particular about luxury, including a black matte leather, alligator, python skin, fox fur, mixed colors horsehide, soft patent leather, blankets, leather, velvet woven geometric patterns. Customers can also special order, the first letter of his name printed on the label on the bag. In Europe, where part of the Replica Fendi 2Jours bags listed only a week, in a store to sell more than 40 pieces, but also a lot of stars, the most popular ladies IN bags.

Fendi 2Jours Totes Replica Handbags

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Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane Replica Bag Review

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louis vuitton monogram pallas havane original

The Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane purse is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. It is the perfect example of style and elegance that somehow manages to bring a large smile to every girl that’s wearing it. The most precious materials were combined with the finest lines to create a perfectly designed purse.  For the first time we can find the LV Monogram canvas combined with the natural cowhide leather trim and the colored calf leather on a single purse. This bag was definitely created to enchant our fashion desire.

The main material used to create the Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane is the iconic LV brown canvas, but what makes the difference between these models is the color of the supple calf leather used on the V shaped top of the bag. There are a lot of variations of colors for this part of the purse that really make a difference between the Pallas bags: Pink, Clementine, Amethyste, Pistache, Havane, Aurore, Cerise, Quetsche, Noir and Saffran.

louis vuitton monogram pallas havane replica

The replica of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane that I am reviewing today is one of the best replicas I have ever seen. The canvas looks exactly like the original. It has that authentic shine and texture you can only find on the genuine bags. The pattern is very exact, it perfectly reproduces the LV logo and the flower motifs and when you touch it, the canvas feels exactly like it should: supple and durable.

About the dimensions of the LV Pallas I can tell you that it is a large size bag: 13.4″ x 10.2″ x 4.7″. It has a rectangular shape and two little triangles on both lateral sides that allows it to get larger when you need it and smaller when you have less things to carry.

I have to say that there is something that I appreciate the most on this bag: the safety of my belongings. Most of the tote bags are very unsafe because they have a snap closing tab or a hook that make me feel very unsecure. Now this Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane doesn’t have this issue, all my stuff is secured by a durable double zip closure. The zipper is made of a beautifully crafted gold metal that adds this bag an elegant and stylish aspect.

The original LV Pallas comes with some beautiful handles made of natural cowhide Toron Leather. They have an arched shape; they are sturdy and very nicely rounded. For an exclusive effect the inside margins of these handles are red colored. Looking at the replica I am reviewing today I can’t see much of a difference, there are the same Toron leather handles that look very similar to the original ones. These handles are connected to the bag with two rectangular thick metallic plates. These gold plates are engraved with the circled R, “LOUIS VUITTON and “PARIS” written on three different rows. All these markings are present both on my replica and on the original bags.

The inside of the bag is as beautiful as the outside. It is made of a very nice microfiber lining that has the same color as the calf leather used for the upper side of the bag, the V shaped one. The replica and the original both have two very nice and useful smartphone pockets at the interior.

I am not the shoulder type bag person, but if you like wearing your purse this way the LV Pallas has a beautiful adjustable strap that will help you carry your bag everywhere you go. I have to admit that it feels very confortable to wear the bag this way buy I am pretty stubborn and I prefer the handles.

The most important thing when you buy a replica bag is to make sure it doesn’t have any misspellings and that all the authenticity markings are present and correct.  My replica Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane has all the correct markings and engravings and the stitching is very nice. The threads are evenly spaced apart and they do not have any loose threads.

Overall my Louis Vuitton Monogram Pallas Havane replica is a very beautiful and very functional one. It has a unique shape, it is spacious enough for all your daily stuff and it is very stylish so you can look amazing every day.

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A Very Interesting First Review Of A Loewe Replica Handbag!

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This is my first time ever writing about a Loewe replica handbag and I must admit this review was really interesting since I don’t have much experience with this brand.

Loewe Replica Handbag Review

You know how I always say that the more popular a brand or a style is, the easier it is to find a great replica? I’m afraid this review proved me right.

A reader of the blog asked me why there isn’t any review about Loewe replica bags on Spotbags and my answer is simple. My readers haven’t shown much interest in this brand before and there are very few replica sites that carry Loewe replica handbags.

But the Loewe Barcelona bag and the Loewe Puzzle bag have started getting some love from handbag aficionados recently, so replicas have also appeared on the market. It’s true, you don’t have a lot of replica Loewe bags to choose from but the simple fact they exist shows that this brand has potential.

Loewe Puzzle Shoulder Bag

Loewe Puzzle Bag – Rising Popularity

I do get why some people are attracted to less known brands though, it gives you a special feeling of exclusivity even if you’re wearing a replica. Not many people will carry the same bag as you and that feels nice. But the downside of this is that you are less likely to find a great replica…

One of my friends bought a Loewe replica handbag last year and she was kind enough to send me some pictures and a review. The Loewe replica Flamenco bag was bought from 1to1replica which is now known as but they don’t have this bag anymore.

Loewe Replica Handbag Review

“Hi Eva,

I tried a Flamenco from ilovebestbags [they used to be 1to1replica right] cos i was curious and it was just 289USD. I do not recommend it.

You know the protective blue tape they put on the hardware? When I removed it, part of the tape was on the bag and the top layer peeled off!

Loewe handbags are very affordable for the level of quality – comparable to Hermes but 1/8th of the price!

This is an older model from couple years back. I don’t see it anymore on the sites. These 4 are pictures I’ve grabbed off the site back then.

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Tassel

Replica Loewe Flamenco Bag Tassel Detail

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Side View

Replica Loewe Flamenco Bag Viewed from the Side

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Lining

Replica Loewe Flamenco Bag Interior

I was pleased when I received it, but it only lasted 5 minutes because when I started removing the protective film, this is what happened.

Loewe Replica Handbag Flaw

Loewe Replica Handbag after the top layer peeled off

Loewe Replica Handbag Protective Film

Loewe Replica Handbag the top layer on the protective tape

After contacting them, I was told this is the first time something like this happened, and because its hot [in August] and lambskin is really soft, this happened. They will take more care sticking on the film in future.

I didn’t return it, as I didn’t want to deal with the hassle and this is on the inside of the bag strap.

I regretted the decision 1 month later. A rough patch started developing and growing bigger. This is how it looks now:

Loewe Replica Handbag After one month of use

Loewe Replica Handbag Leather Patch Turned Rough

Replica Loewe Flamenco Bag Lining

Replica Loewe Flamenco Bag Inside Of the Bag

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Front Logo

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Front Of the Bag

Back of the bag – ironically the better side that’s not peeling

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Embossed Leather

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Back of the Bag

This is how it looks like on the back, beautiful:

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Leather Zoom

Loewe Replica Flamenco Bag Embossed Leather Detail

Unfortunately the peeling on the front means I don’t recommend buying Loewe replicas – they are simply too niche for the replica world. They probably have very few sources so it’s really the factory quality and I doubt they make 1:1 standard, maybe just AAA. As you’ve always said Eva, go for the popular ones!”

I have to agree with my friend here. Loewe replica bags are quite a nice market at the moment because they haven’t reached an IT bags status yet. Maybe if more people start showing interest in this brand, more replica manufacturers will be willing to invest in them. I think my friend was brave to buy a Loewe replica handbag – curiosity can sometimes bring great surprises. After all, buying replica handbags is a trial & error process. But too bad the leather started peeling off so soon, this Loewe Flamenco bag with embossed leather was really beautiful.

Unfortunately I don’t know if the lining and the metallic interior tag of this Loewe replica handbag are correct because I can’t find photos of this Loewe Flamenco bag anymore. All I know is that now Loewe uses stamped leather tags for the interior of their Flamenco bags.

Has any of you girls bought a Loewe replica handbag before? I’d love to read about your experience!

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Celine Bag Replica Reviews

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Today I’m going to show you two Celine bag replica reviews: one that was purchased from Aliexpress and one that was bought from I think you will be surprised to see that the cheaper one was actually better.

Celine Bag Replica Comparison

This proves two important things: 1. the Aliexpress bad reviews have become much rarer since my readers have learnt how to choose the good sellers and 2. even the most reputable replica sites make big mistakes and this Celine bag replica is a sad proof.

Celine Bag Replica – Where Is It Made?

Where are Celine bags made? Even though some high end designers now manufacture their bags in China, Celine still makes its bags in Italy. People have also told me about replica sellers that claim their Celine replica bags are made in Italy with original leather and that’s why they cost more than the ones made in China, but allow me to doubt that is true. Some sellers would say anything to sell their products and even though the replica bags they are selling are actually good, it doesn’t mean they are made in Italy. So don’t fall into this “fake Celine bags made in Italy” trap, it’s probably just a reason for the seller to overprice the bags.

Replica Celine Tie Tote - Where are Celine bags made

Replica Celine Tie From Yahoo! Auctions

I don’t know if you guys remember but a month ago I posted a replica Celine Tie tote review. The bag was bought from a replica seller on Yahoo Auctions that told my friend there are two price points for his replica Celine bags based on where they are made. The ones made in Japan were $100 cheaper than the ones he claimed were made in Italy with original leather. But if you’re honestly trying to find out where are Celine bags made, you need to be honest with yourself. Celine replica bags are probably made in China. If you comes across a seller who tells you the same thing, the best thing you can do is ask for as many photos as possible to do a comparison. And then you need to ask yourself if the more expensive one is really worth it. Review – Celine Phantom Bag Replica

“Hi Eva!

I just wanted to send you a review of my latest bag, the Cèline Phantom Luggage from AliExpress seller Victor Peng (same as my Cèline Mini Luggage).

Customer Service: As always, Victor is very helpful and send really good pre-shipping photos. He also makes sure that all my demands are met and if I don’t like the first bag he sends pictures of he will find me another one until I am happy.

Flaws:I can’t find many flaws on this bag, however I find the braid on the zipper is not very well done and that kind of annoys me. Exept from that there aren’t any obvious flaws in my opinion. The “made in Italy” stamp is a little bit too low and just the slightest crooky (but not noticeable since its on the inside)

Pros: The stitching is absolutely perfect! It is aligned all over the bag and it is very straight and small. The handles seem to be the right size as it fits in the crook of my arm but not over the shoulder (as another replica I bought did) and the interioir is lushious suede. The pocket has the date stamp tab inside. The bag is made out of real leather and is so increadibly smooth and soft, the suede inside is absolutely lovely!

Packaging and shipping: The bag came so well packagde stuffed with 3 air pillows and plastic over all the hardware. The bag arrived within 15 days of payment and it was trackable.

I think that Victor is an excellent seller for Cèline bags. I have different sellers for different brands. But again, I am so happy with this purchase and I hope you can give me some feedback for this bag and post the review on you blog.”

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Exterior Zipper Pocket

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Handles Support Tabs

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Celine Paris Stamp

Interior of the Celine Phantom Bag Replica

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Interior View

Interior Of The Celine Phantom Bag Replica

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Made In Italy Stamp

The Inside Pocket and Stamp of the Celine Phantom Bag Replica

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Datecode

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Serial Number Inside the Pocket

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Braid Zipper

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Zipper Pull

Just like I told my friend, I don’t think the interior is lined with real suede and the front logo looks a bit crooked (especially the accent on “E”) and I also thought that the handle tab on the right looks a bit wider than the one on the left but it seems that the tabs are actually the same size but looks a bit off since the bag is stuffed. Even so, these are flaws that can get overlooked.

This Phantom Celine bag replica was $210. Wow, right? My friend’s advice on how to choose the best Aliexpress sellers? Here it is: “I always choose the sellers with highest rating and ask for tons of pictures before asking them to send the bag :)” Easy and necessary! Review – Replica Celine Belt Bag Review

I will also share with you a disappointing Celine Belt bag review. Why disappointing? Because this replica Celine Belt bag was purchased from Bagaholics, one of the sites I recommend the most for Celine bag replica. And I hate it when I trust a site and my friends get disappointed…And all I can do right now is share her review on the Celine Belt bag replica.

I would say that things are very different from this Celine Box bag that was also bought from Bagaholics. That Celine bag replica was actually good but there were some minor imperfections my friend just couldn’t overlook. You know, replica bags are not for everyone and that’s okay. But unfortunately this Celine bag replica has some serious flaws that really got me thinking if I should keep recommending this site or not…It’s true, their Celine drummed leather looks amazing and even their Celine croc Phantom replicas look quite good. So maybe it was just a mistake?

The two Celine Belt bag sizes available right now are the Mini and the Small and the Celine bag replica featured here is technically the Mini, but the dimensions are larger than the original. The original Celine Mini Belt tote dimensions are 12.2″ x 9.44″ x 7.9″ while this replica Celine Belt bag is 12 x 9 x 9.

“Hi Eva,

I am a fan of your blog, always read your suggestions re replica purses & who to buy from.
Few months ago , I sent you photos of Celine belt blue & black purse that I bought from bagaholics as you always recommend it for celine for your review.
You were not sure as you email me back that photo are not cleared enough but the purse look OK.

I kept the purse although it has knock off Zipper pocket!!

I only wore it 5 times, yesterday was my longest & last time as the purse wore off!! The manet lock fell & lost , as well as the ring that hold the hand !
I am very disappointed & should I asked them for refund??

Please reply how can I handle this issue.

Attached are some photo of the Celine bag replica
Please don’t recommend this website”

Celine Belt Bag Replica Seen From Behind

Celine Belt Bag Replica Back Of The Bag

Replica Celine Belt Bag Interior

Replica Celine Belt Bag Lining

Replica Celine Belt Bag Inside Pockets

Replica Celine Belt Bag Pockets

Celine Belt Bag Replica Datecode

Serial Number of the Celine Belt Bag Replica

Replica Celine Belt Bag Front Stamp

Replica Celine Belt Bag Stamp Logo

Celine Belt Bag Replica End of the Zipper

Zipper Marking of the Celine Belt Bag Replica

Celine Belt Bag Replica Engraved Zipper

Celine Belt Bag Replica Lampo Zipper

Replica Celine Belt Bag Snap inside the Flap

Replica Celine Belt Bag Clasp Closure

Celine Belt Bag Replica Crooked Snap Button

Celine Belt Bag Replica Snap Button Missing

Celine Belt Bag Replica Handle Ring Broke

Celine Belt Bag Replica the Ring that attaches the Handles Broke

Celine Belt Bag Replica Imperfections

Celine Belt Bag Replica Has Major Flaws

So as I was saying in the beginning, the Aliexpress Celine bag replica is definitely better than the Bagaholics Celine replica bag. Sure, it’s not a perfect Celine bag replica Phantom but at least the flaws it has don’t ruin it. So is Bagaholicsonline better than Aliexpress for Celine bag replica? I’m starting to think not…If I were to form a definite opinion based on just this knockoff Celine bag, I would have to say “absolutely no!” But maybe it was just a mistake and I really need your feedback on this one! What is your favorite site for replica Celine bags?

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