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Early September autumn season, the weather is not cold nor hot what kind of clothes can be worn, how will be infected with the autumn, all STYLE own art, bohemian, hippie variety of flavors. And this one, can best embody the autumn flavor, of course, belongs to tassel handbags, today we’ll take a look at the 2015 autumn and winter fashion tassel handbags



Fashion always in reincarnation, the annual autumn and winter are, without exception, is a feast tassels. And with tassels swaying gait wanton dancing, always win in this season just the right temperature girls heart, or whether it is also seen in the daily street shooting star, tassel handbag has quietly dominate package bounds. Today, the selection of the 2015 autumn and major luxury brands are pushing for several fashion fringed bags to compare the next.




Tassel pendant package

This year big prevailing minimalism, a large area covered with LOGO or handbag no longer the same kind of design elements as popular as in previous years, and now the popular but low-key luxury! Fringed handbag is also yes.




Fashion tassel pendant bag Recommended



③ (Saint Laurent)




Tassel bucket bag

Shuitong popular level this year, while the combined tassels and buckets models, but also adds a great fashion sense. Early in 2015 autumn and winter fashion week, whether it is T-Taiwan model show floor also, or off the street shooting, tassel bucket bag early on board the big stage of the modern.




Fashion tassel bucket bag style recommended

① (Rebecca Minkoff)

② (Burberry)

③ (Saint Laurent)




Fringed shoulder bag

The first two have not so hot or delicate lovable, fringed shoulder bag because the shape restrictions, less susceptible to color, but fringed suede or knit a good solution to this problem. No fine exquisite pendant tassel bag and bucket fringed charming appearance, fringed shoulder bag comes with an uninhibited big femininity.




Fashion fringed shoulder bag Recommended

① (valentino)

②The Row

③ (Burberry)




Tassel Clutch

Fringed bag can be said that this year, climbed the peak, the major brands have a lot of good style, especially hand models relatively rare in previous years, this year also repeatedly exposed himself to many stars of people shot in the street. Holding a briefcase + combination of so many workplace fashionable tassel goblins overjoyed, dinner clutch began to add their own elegant decorative tassels.




Fashion Tassel Handbag styles Recommended

① (Kotur)

②EliZAbeth and James

③ (Burberry Prorsum)




Fringed shoulder bag

Thanks to the popularity of this sport, thanks to the wind, GUCCI this year several “BAMBOO” Backpacks are added Mimi tassels. Shoulders and fringed most are back behind comes naturally drooping, do not worry too messy tassels no beauty.




Fashion tassel shoulder bag style Recommended


②Christian Louboutin



Fringed handbag

Handle style fringed bag plus is a good choice, (Stella McCartney) in this year will be its most typical chain decoration packs makeover made the whole is fringed handbag.




Fashion tassel handbag styles Recommended

① Eddie Harrop

②(Stella McCartney)

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Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens And Women Under 21: Replica Bags Every Girl Would Love!

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I have to admit, I haven’t paid that much attention to replica bags choices for teenage girls or boys. But then I realized that teens have become very fashion-conscious and they’re not all about colorful stuff and butterflies.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens - The Ultimate Guide

So I decided to dedicate this post to finding some inspired Christmas gift ideas for teens. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Maybe you were wondering when it occurred to me that teens have become an important group for replica bags. Well, it was enough to see my cousins being super passionate about fashion (maybe they got that for auntie Eva, who knows :P) but it was also all the teen girls I’ve seen on the street who are so well-dressed you could think they just got out of Paris Fashion Week! And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing!

I read somewhere that “a purse is useful, a designer handbag is for show” but then again, doesn’t this apply to the rest of us as well? The brand is important and so are the values and the status it brings. Teens who love luxury brands should not be called “brats” like some people call them. And since we’re talking replica bags, let’s not forget that you don’t have to pay thousands for them. So what’s left then: well, a brand you value and a style you love, just like for the rest of us!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens – Use The Holiday Promotions!

And since saving up is really important during this time of the year, you might as well take advantage of the Christmas promotions and also the ones on or With the PurseValley Christmas promotion you will get a free gift on every order while the other two replica sites are offering different discounts depending on how big your order is. Christmas Promotions - Free Gift On Every Order

Christmas Promotions 2015 Christmas Promotion and Discounts

Christmas Promotion 2015

Maybe some of you will consider that teens shouldn’t even wear designer bags. But then again, why not? If wearing the bag to school could be a problem, I don’t see why a teen girl couldn’t wear it on her free time. I think that a teen or a really young woman would know how to appreciate this kind of gift and wouldn’t throw it at the back of her closet! A designer replica bag for the most special occasions in her life, I don’t see why anyone should have a problem with that!

My Christmas gift ideas for teens revolve around replica bags and I definitely think that a replica bag is a great gift for every woman, no matter her age. The important thing about it is that it should express the owner’s personality and sense of style. I think that teenagers in particular feel the need to develop and outline a unique style, so if you’re thinking about buying a replica bag for a teenage girl take that into account! As for a teenage boy, I think that a replica designer backpack, a wallet or a belt would make for great Christmas gifts.

My Christmas gift ideas for teens do not include big structured totes or bags that are too flashy but rather discreetly branded replica luxury bags without obvious logos.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens And Women Under 21 – Best Replica Bags Choices

So anyway, here is my list of Christmas gift ideas for teens and women under 21. If you have a teen daughter, sister, friend or so on, I’d looove to hear what she has to say about my picks! But don’t get me wrong, I don’t see these replica bags as bags only teenagers would or should wear! I would wear all of them! But I thought about size, colors, functionality and the occasions where a teen would wear them and these bags made all the sense in the world:

Gucci Soho Mini Shoulder Bag or the Gucci Soho Disco Bag replica – these Gucci replica bags are small, chic, perfect for a lovely night out but also great during day. Just look how well this bag complements the casual outfit of Emma Roberts. And they are quite affordable as well, I might add!

Emma Roberts Wearing The Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Louis Vuitton Replica Louise Epi Bags – These bags are also small and easy to carry around as the strap is long enough to be worn across the body and the colors are just lovely! I would choose it in one of the pastel colors, the yellow, the light pink or the corail.

Louis Vuitton Louis Epi Bag Corail

LV Replica Petite-Malle Trunk – I know, this Louis Vuitton replica bag features Monogram Canvas but I think it’s still subtle enough. And it’s an amazing bag choice for special night events or even for the New Year’s Eve party!

LV Replica Petite-Malle Trunk Bag - Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

Valentino Rockstud Backpack – comfortable, fun, cool, the ultimate teen bag choice.

Celine Nano knockoff – if Kylie Jenner can wear it, why wouldn’t your teenage girl/sister/etc. wear it as well? Joking! But really now, this Celine replica bag is just amazing, you can wear it almost anywhere and it has a unique appeal it’s really difficult to ignore.

Kylie Jenner Celine Nano Luggage Bag - Christmas Gift Ideas For Teens

Valentino Glam Lock Flap Bag – also quite an eye-catching replica bag that can make even the simplest outfit look special. The bag is not too out there but the signature pyramid studs sure make this bag unique.

Valentino Glam Lock Flap Bag Blackl

Gucci Bamboo replica backpack – an all-leather backpack that doesn’t have any sort of branding except the Bamboo details only connoisseurs will be able to recognize. The fringes give it a fun twist and the functionality a backpack brings is priceless! A backpack that just couldn’t miss from this Christmas gift ideas for teens guide!

If you feel like a replica bag is too expensive, there are other options the replica market has for us, such as replica jewelry, replica watches, some nice colorful Louis Vuitton bag charms or the crazy fun Fendi Monster charms! The only thing I am completely against is buying replica cosmetics or perfumes! Please stay away from those!

Louis Vuitton Candy Bag Charm

Fendi Bag Charms Are Really Fun!

I would really like to know your opinion: do you think these are good Christmas gift ideas for teens? Leave your comment below!

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In Praise of Louis Vuitton’s Epi Leather Bags and Accessories

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Le Snob Hat in a Bag, Biker Vest-Bag, and Le Bag Dress: Conversion Practice

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Le Snob Le Bag Dress, Biker Vest-Bag, and Hat in a Bag

Don’t be thrown by the name. Le Snob is not the European division of Snob Essentials. It’s something different entirely, a self-proclaimed “goth-meets-goldfinger” brand by designer duo B. Åkerlund (she cites styling for Beyoncé and Rihanna on her resume) and Robert Lussier (he launched the label after getting inspired by a bag he stumbled across at a California garage sale). Le Snob is also the ultimate in convertibility.

The concepts sound wacky: a bag that morphs into a wide-brim hat, a vest you can wear as a bag, and a fringe-trimmed tote that adjusts into a shift dress! Somehow, they manage to work, effortlessly even. All executed in luxe black leather with gold-tone hardware, the Hat in a Bag makes for a cute ring-handle clutch and the Biker Vest-Bag features a conveniently wide pocket for stashing your essentials no matter how you put it on. Most subversive of all, Le Bag Dress somehow translates from an enormous north-south tote to a badass LBD (thank the well-positioned adjustable buckles) – one that takes all the shame out of the dreaded morning-after walk! It also begs the question: What have your bags done for you lately? Hat in a Bag, $870; Biker Vest-Bag, $1,990; and Le Bag Dress, $2,445, available at Le Snob.


Le Snob Le Bag Dress, Biker Vest-Bag, and Hat in a Bag

Le Snob Le Bag Dress, Biker Vest-Bag, and Hat in a Bag

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