Over 50 Handbags That Hit Must-Have Status This Week

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Check out a list of over 50 FOMO-inducing handbags we can't get enough of. From box clutches to colorblock suede crossbody bags, quintessential black totes to festive floral shoulder bags, the list caters to all types of occasions on your Spring social calendar. Scroll through and shop the best below:

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Check Out Our 10 Favorite Bag Pics We Found on Instagram This Week

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I’m sure I’m not the only one that can’t get through the day without scrolling through Instagram at least once. And with followers like ours, it’s impossible to miss the awesome bag shots you guys post every day. This week, I’m here to report on some of the hottest bags floating around Instagram, including a wallet that may have slipped into the mix. (In my defense it was too good not to post.)

Our followers post a lot of classic bags from brands like Chanel, Céline and Hermès, and they’re all totally drool-worthy. However, a lot of trends also emerge on Instagram, which helps push people beyond the standard choices. Based on scrolling through our newsfeed, our followers are loving Dior’s Mini Lady Dior Bag, for example.

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