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Here’s something exceptional but surprising. Valentino has made many different styles of handbags in the recent years and they’re rotating collections with speed. Most of them are inspirational and blended with iconic bags like the Lock Bag.

But anyways, here are two more styles that we thought you should consider for the upcoming season. They’re small shoulder bag in tribal styles like a Wallet On Chain but bigger.

These bags are made from durable leather but the front design is very notable. It goes well with dresses and slippers, perfect right? Priced around €2200 euro.

Another bag that you should consider is the brown Valentino Tribal Mask Shoulder Bag. It comes with a long strap for shoulder carry. Priced around €2950 euro.


And here is another one inspired by Spiderman. We can all remember the movie Spiderman, but do you think its fashionable and practical to wear this?

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Dior is offering us new treats to watch out for! Aside from their wonderful line of bags, shoes and other leather goods, they are releasing some fancy bling, in the form of their Tribal Earrings! We are so in-love with these pieces, which show some unique craftsmanship, and a design concept which spans multiple designs. These fabulous earrings are the real deal.

Made with only the finest material available, this is not your ordinary earring – it is inspired by tribal designs, which is eccentric and unique. The pieces are composed of a small pearl, which rests perfectly on the ear, and a large one which peeps out subtly from behind the lobe. The concept is mind-blowing – we’ve seen a lot of jewelry in our day, but nothing as fancy and innovative as this. If you would want to invest in a piece that would surely stand-out, then this is the one you’re looking for! These pieces can give your outfit that added sparkle.

Designs can range from €280 EUR to €620 EUR, or around £260 GBP to £560 GBP. If you’re looking for a piece that will rock your world, head over to the Dior e-store now!


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