Le Snob Hat in a Bag, Biker Vest-Bag, and Le Bag Dress: Conversion Practice

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Le Snob Le Bag Dress, Biker Vest-Bag, and Hat in a Bag

Don’t be thrown by the name. Le Snob is not the European division of Snob Essentials. It’s something different entirely, a self-proclaimed “goth-meets-goldfinger” brand by designer duo B. Åkerlund (she cites styling for Beyoncé and Rihanna on her resume) and Robert Lussier (he launched the label after getting inspired by a bag he stumbled across at a California garage sale). Le Snob is also the ultimate in convertibility.

The concepts sound wacky: a bag that morphs into a wide-brim hat, a vest you can wear as a bag, and a fringe-trimmed tote that adjusts into a shift dress! Somehow, they manage to work, effortlessly even. All executed in luxe black leather with gold-tone hardware, the Hat in a Bag makes for a cute ring-handle clutch and the Biker Vest-Bag features a conveniently wide pocket for stashing your essentials no matter how you put it on. Most subversive of all, Le Bag Dress somehow translates from an enormous north-south tote to a badass LBD (thank the well-positioned adjustable buckles) – one that takes all the shame out of the dreaded morning-after walk! It also begs the question: What have your bags done for you lately? Hat in a Bag, $870; Biker Vest-Bag, $1,990; and Le Bag Dress, $2,445, available at Le Snob.


Le Snob Le Bag Dress, Biker Vest-Bag, and Hat in a Bag

Le Snob Le Bag Dress, Biker Vest-Bag, and Hat in a Bag

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