National Handbag Day Spotlight: Rebecca Minkoff Waverly Eyelet Studs Crossbody

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In preparation for National Handbag Day this Friday, October 10, we’ll be announcing a special bag every day. Each bag is from one of our very favorite designers, and they’re all available at Bloomingdale’s, our National Handbag Day partner. To kick things off, we have the Rebecca Minkoff Waverely Eyelet Studs Crossbody.


Minkoff is a designer that has a special place in the hearts of the whole PurseBlog team; we’ve gotten to watch Rebecca’s company grow alongside us on our PurseForum, almost from the day that both were founded. Our members were the first “Minkettes,” which is now a term that refers to all of the brand’s ardent fans, and they (and we) are always excited to see what Rebecca has coming up next. We’re even more proud that this time, it’s something to celebrate National Handbag Day.


This particular bag is close to our hearts because it’s such a great example of what Rebecca Minkoff does so well–bridging day and evening with a bag that feels simultaneously casual and fancy. We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off our countdown to National Handbag Day with Bloomingdale’s.

You can pick up the bag in Bloomingdale’s National Handbag Day pop-up shop for $395.



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Boho Inspired: Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Mixed Media Patchwork Hobo

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Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Mixed Media Patchwork Hobo

It took me a moment to come to the realization that this bag is in fact made by Rebecca Minkoff? I have been writing a lot about this designer lately. I mean, I have always loved her handbags, but they seem to be grabbing my attention a lot these days. Rebecca Minkoff does make some pretty awesome handbags and the prices are very reasonable. When I came across the piece you see pictured here though, I found myself feeling a little perplexed. As much as I love it when Rebecca Minkoff experiments, it seems she may have gone a little bit too far this time. So far, in fact, that I wouldn’t have thought this was Rebecca Minkoff if I didn’t know any better.

The Rebecca Minkoff Isobel Mixed Media Patchwork Hobo is a hodgepodge of neutral colored suede pieces stitched together with contrasting thread. To me, this feels more like something Coach would do. Not Rebecca Minkoff. After the initial shock wore off though, I was able to look at this piece a little bit more objectively. It consists of neutral colors after all, so it could have been a lot worse! I do like the tassels too. But I’m always a sucker for those! Plus you can never go wrong with a classic hobo shape.

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