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The hot humid days are slowly making their way into the calendar but the question is, are you summer-ready? If you’ve got your bikinis, tank tops, and flip flops ready, what about your summer bag? Worry not for Celine is here to grant your summertime wishes with its Cabas Phantom Bag in Canvas.

The Celine Cabas Phantom Bag is one of the classic that makes any girl melt, the latest version is perfect for the hot seasons. Crafted from linen canvas and calfskin with linen canvas lining, this material is ideal to pair with summer-inspired wardrobe because the material is known for its its durability and toughness, it is made up of reliable plain-woven fabric. Canvas is also very light-weighed and can help your resist heat to protect your essentials in the inside. It’s also tougher to help your carry beach-related accessories.

The handles and the strip on the sides are made from calfskin, it’s exactly same design as the original version of the Cabas Phantom Bag. The leather gives you a sense of luxury, but it’s also for comfort purpose. And unlike the leather editions, this new canvas is printed with the Celine logo beautifully on the front. It’s refined with blue stripes to give it a stronger appeal.

The interior is large and roomy, it will hold more than your basic essentials, especially with those big and expandable phantom side wings. Style code: 172862ATX.02BG, measuring 12’ x 15’ x 9’ inches, priced at $1850 USD, €1300 euro, £1200 GBP, $2400 SGD, $14500 HKD, ¥200000 JPY, ¥13500 CNY via Celine boutiques.


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Céline Phantom Cut Outs, Canvas, and Calfskins

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Hooray for Phantoms!medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-kohl-baby-grained-calfskin

Phantoms are always on my paranoid list – fearing it might disappear altogether. Because they feel a bit dated. And mostly because I feel I’m the last one to still not have one, and I still haven’t gotten over it while everyone else seems to have gotten tired of it.medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-white-baby-grained-calfskin

Is it over staying the catalogue of Céline? I hope not. When we see something like the gray pebbled calfskin with blue edges, and the white grained calfskin with red piping, there’s so much optimism to look forward to on Summer 2017.


The collection of Phantoms for Summer 2017 is quite similar to the older set we saw for Spring 2017. And I always question two things: why have cutouts? And why have canvas?medium-luggage-phantom-handbag-in-yellow-washed-canvas

For the prices they sell them for, one should only deserve to get a full leather treatment. Phantoms might never feel like a beach bag. It will always feel like a day bag to me.

Are you tired of them by now? Sound off in the comments!

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If we talk about iconics, then every brand has a bet – the Classic Flap and Boy Bag from Chanel, the Speedy from LV, the Baguette by Fendi…well, the list goes on. And in the case of Celine, the Phantom is but one of the most sought-after pieces in the history of fashion. And why not, when it’s absolutely note-worthy? Any woman who’d be lucky to own one would surely feel like a million bucks wearing this baby.j

It is a known-fact that it’s constantly being compared to its predecessor, the original Luggage bag, but definitely the bag has distinct characteristics, like its east and west wings which expand beautifully to give you more space. Access your stuff the easy way with the Phantom Bag!

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Here, we’ve got snaps of Phantom Bags for the brand’s Fall Winter 2015 Collection. We hope you enjoy the view…hopefully, you don’t get too broke this season. It’s especially hard to want one-too-many bags at one time! Good luck, and enjoy the holidays!





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Replica Handbag Review: Celine Luggage Phantom Bag in Light Blue

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It’s no secret to anyone that the Celine Luggage Phantom Bag is one of the most beautiful and popular models these days. Countless fashionistas around the world love this design, they all love to wear it with one of their glamorous outfits. It is the perfect day purse for the office or for important meetings. It is stylish and spacious. It is everything you need to lead a modern and edgy lifestyle.

This luxury designer bag is also very much loved by movie stars and the magazines are full with photos of divas showing off their fabulous and new Celine Luggage Phantom Bag. One of my favorite versions is the one in light blue. I simply adore the look of this elegant purse. If you also like how the Celine Phantom purse looks like, but you just can’t afford its high price tag then here there are a few tips for finding a perfect replica.


The most important detail about this very beautiful bag is the leather. It is manufactured from a very resistant, thick and firm leather. This type of leather looks very refined and highlights the original lines of this bag, every curve and every folding. The original Celine Luggage Phantom Bag doesn’t need to be full in order to stand firm by its own. Even empty it keeps its special shape without bending. A poor replica bag will not have the same high quality leather and because of this it will look cheap and it will bend if its not stuffed.

Essential is the color of this Celine Phantom version. This unique blue is very difficult to find on the market of fake bags. Because of this, only a few replica manufacturer will manage to offer this exact color for your Celine Luggage Phantom fake Bag. Beware of lighter or darker shades of blue. These will be a clear giveaway.

The handles have a very well constructed shape. These look like tall arches made from the finest leather there is. To ensure the firmes of the handles, these are stitched on the inside part. The stitching offers an extra robustness.

The stitching is very important at a Celine Luggage Phantom replica Bag. These are used to outline the curves, the design embelishments and the elegance of the purse. Most decorative stitches are raised and represent the most fascinating part of the bag. Needless to say, each stitch is perfect. There are no symmetric errors, no loose threads or smudges.


The hardware has a very rough look. It is silver color and isn’t too shiny. It has a matte finish that looks very modern and city like. I love it. It is a very nice aesthetic detail that enhances the beauty of the bag. Please note that the base must have four rectangular studs made from the same silver metal as the rest of the harware.

So just pay attention to all the details of the Celine Luggage Phantom bag you want to purchase and compare every small part of the purse with the original model. It must be an exact match. If you manage to find such a Celine Luggage Phantom replica bag then you can go ahead with your order. The result will be a glamorous and beautiful replica purse.

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Ending The Season With A Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag From FangFang

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As I was thinking about this year’s most popular replica bags I realized that Celine knockoff bags were the top choices once again. I’ve seen some really good Celine fake bags but I’ve also seen so terrible ones but overall the thing I’m most excited about is that we’ve discovered together some new good replica sites for Celine knockoff!

Celine Phantom Bag Review

Celine Phantom Bag Review

This is the last Celine replica bag review of the year and I can hope that 2015 is going to be an even better year for replica Celine lovers!

A friend got this Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag from Fangfangbag5.6567.idcice.net and here’s what she sent me:

Hi Eva,

This is a Celine bag that I purchased from FangFang bags. I think it’s pretty decent quality except for the inside it feels more like ultra suede.
Your thoughts? It cost me close to $400.00. 
I love your site! I live by it!


Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag Front View

Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag Front View

Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag Handle Tabs

Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag Handle Tabs

Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag Inside Pocket

Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag Inside Pocket

Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag Leather Tag

Celine Knockoff Phantom Bag Leather Tag

You are so sweet, thanks for all the nice words! Now regarding your replica Celine handbag, I have to admit it looks pretty good but there are some things that could have been done better.

You can already find a how to spot fake Celine Phantom bag guide on the blog that was meant to help you choose the best Celine knockoff, but I will run through the essential elements again in case you haven’t read it yet.

There are two types of Celine Phantom replica handbags; those that are made of smooth leather like this one and bags made of suede leather. The interior should always be made of suede leather and have the same color as the exterior. You were right, the interior of your Celine knockoff is actually made of ultrasuede but I’m glad this didn’t ruin the bag you.

The logo looks good and so does the imprinted interior zipped pocket. The imprinted date code is correctly placed on the leather tab inside the pocket.

Now here are the minor flaws I noticed: the handle tabs should be a bit wider and flatter and the stitching below the front zipper pocket should not go down to the bottom of the bag. The distance should have been of about an inch. Also, the braided zipper pull is a bit longer on authentic Celine Phantom bags, but that’s barely noticeable.

All in all, I think this Celine knockoff Phantom bag from Fangfang is a good ending to our Celine replica reviews of this year. And I’m sure that they’ll get even better!

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Celine Luggage Phantom Bag From Fall Winter 2014 Collection

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Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Nubuck Calfskin
Color: Yellow
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1900 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Nubuck Calfskin
Color: Blue
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1900 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Nubuck Calfskin
Color: Orange
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1900 euro’s

In the world of designer handbags, there is always a reason for everything. The name, the shape, the embellishment, all carries a story or is inspired by something. It’s like the famous artist and his expensive paintings.

The Celine Luggage Phantom Bag, the name reflects the story of the bag. It’s a fact that the Phantom Bag has been hunted for years. Any serious Celine collector will shop the Trapeze, The Luggage and then move on to the final trophy, the Phantom Bag.

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On this article, we will share some details about this bag as well as the prices and sizes, the availability of the colors and leathers for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. If you’re Christmas gift is being delayed, well, you know what to do next.

The Celine Luggage Phantom Bag is different than the Luggage Bag. The center part of the Phantom Bag is almost identical to the Luggage Tote, but the Phantom offers more space because of its east and west wings. When we zip the bag up, the shape looks closer to the Luggage Tote, but when you zip down, the size starts to expand.

Just like any Celine designs, the Phantom is perfect for casual use and by the way, it’s luxurious. The style is simple and yet distinctive to other designer brands. The Celine Phantom Bag brings a large capacity because of its over-sized opening and for the practical use, it has a lot of easy-to-access function.

The most interesting and sign of its authenticity is the leather straps on both sides. And actually, it’s not made for decoration purposes, but the leather strap can be buckled together to make the size smaller and chic’er, and also mimic the design of the luggage tote.

The bag comes in two sizes and the prices depends on the leather of course:

Celine Phantom Small Bag
Size: 11’ x 12’ x 10’ (H x W x D) in inches (excluded the wings)

Celine Phantom Medium Bag
Size: 12’ x 11 x 9’


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Gingham Woven
Color: Blue and white
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1400 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Astrakhan Pony Calfskin
Color: Black
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €2800 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Python
Color: Black
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €4000 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Bullhide Calfskin
Color: Burnt Orange
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €2200 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Graind Calfskin
Color: Yellow
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €2100 euro’s


Celine Medium Luggage Phantom Bag in Textile
Color: Multicolour
Size: 12′ x 11′ x 9′ in inches
Price: €1400 euro’s

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