Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag

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Isn’t Chloe cool?

Let’s go back to 1 July 2014. At this day, we chit chatted about the Fall Winter 2014 Collection and accidentally ended up gossiping about the new round-shaped shoulder bag that Chloe was about to release. Though at that time, I didn’t know its name, shape and prices, because the bag wasn’t available in store yet (and Chloe didn’t wanted to share their secrets), but oh well, today we got all the info’s for ya!

I remember the model that was wearing this bag, she had a dark blue jacket and beautiful green boots (click here if you are curious about the picture), then she finished it with the newest Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag. Gorgeous!

Why is Chloe Cool?

First, I like the design; it’s something that you can’t find somewhere else. Secondly, you can easily wear it with formal or casual clothes, it fits in both worlds – anything multifunctional is worth the investment.

I love how the golden hardware dominates the design – expressing its reason for existence, which is endless luxury. Crafted with calf leather, a strong and durable material, it’s certainly a one-time investment, and it’s forever yours.

For those who want to take the luxury level to another high, the Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag is also available in lambskin. And it’s available in three sizes:

Chloe Drew Small Shoulder Bag
Size: 7.5’ x 7.75’ x 2.75’ inches (H x W x D)

Chloe Drew Medium Shoulder Bag
8.25’ x 9’ x 2.75’ inches (H x W x D)

Chloe Drew Large Shoulder Bag
10.25’ x 11.75’ x 3.5’ (H x W x D)

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Weekend Outfit: Vampy-Casual with the Chloé Drew Bag

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Chloe Drew Chaine Shoulder Bag

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If you’ve been following us so far, then you must have noticed the trend…

There is something about ‘chain’ embellishment, not-easy-to-explain, but its makes the bag feels more luxurious and chic.

And the design feels more sophisticated and attractive – in the end, this is also the reason why you’re paying for a designer bag right?

Allow me to reintroduce to you the Chloe Drew Chaine Shoulder Bag, this new embellishment is a special edition for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection.

Already was the Drew Bag a hit – with its curvy shape that we love, the beautiful closure with piston and the never-seen-before shoulder chain attached to a hook (on the top).

Now on the edges, Chloe stitched the bag with chains. The bag is shining like a star and it’s more beautiful than ever.

Three colors are available; black, beige and cream. Choose black to make the classic jewellery-inspired hardware stand out. They are all made from calfskin, measuring 8’ x 9’ x 3’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $2290 USD via MyTheresa.




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Chloe Mini Drew Shoulder Bag

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Chloe Mini Drew Shoulder Bag in Pink for $1560 USD or €995 euro’s

The Chloe Drew Bag is built to make us drool, call it the perfect casual chic thing. You see, the Drew Bag is made to enhance any street chic outfits that’s now stored in your wardrobe. It’s elegant, but not exaggerated. If necessary, it goes quite well in your blue jeans and black winter coat. And it will still look good if you wear a grey hat from UGGS.

The Chloe Drew Bag is made to carry cross body or on your shoulder. It comes with a sophisticated lock in the front, secured with a pin. You’ve never seen such style in your life, an supportive metal is designed on the top to connect the bag with the feminine chain strap – quite nice architectural move, it made to look like the chain is knotted to the supportive metal.

But Chloe’s craftsmanship doesn’t stop there, have I already told you about the leather? It’s certainly not disappointing. Put your hands on the smooth grained leather, it’s as impeccable as any trustworthy designer brands. Exquisitely stitched, a curved handbag, can you say no to that?

The mini version is Chloe’s latest release, but the Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag is also available in two more sizes, let’s summarize them all here:

READ: Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag In Other Sizes

Chloe Drew Mini Shoulder Bag
Size: 17 x 18 x 6 (H x W x D) in cm
Price: $1,560 USD (Leather)

Chloe Drew Medium Shoulder Bag
8.25’ x 9’ x 2.75’ inches (H x W x D)
Price: $1,750 USD (Leather)

Chloe Drew Large Shoulder Bag
10.25’ x 11.75’ x 3.5’ (H x W x D)
Price: $1,950 USD (Leather)


Chloe Mini Drew Shoulder Bag in Red for $1560 USD or €995 euro’s


Chloe Mini Drew Shoulder Bag in Abstract White for $1560 USD or €995 euro’s

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