Latest Animal Prints: Queen of the Jungle

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Top 5 Bags to Bring to the Theater

You’re going to the theater, one of the greatest wells of artistic expression, so your bag needs to be equally expressive and dramatic. You must take into account what you need in a clutch that’ll be taken to this sort of venue, though. In this case, bigger isn’t better. You want a small bag that’ll fit comfortably in your lap. Shoving it next to you in the seat is uncomfortable, and of course, you never put your clutch on the floor. Other requirements? That it won’t make noise when you open it (in case you need to pull out a cough drop), that it isn’t one of the trendy glow-in-the-dark variety, and that it isn’t calf hair (who wants a bag that’ll feel itchy on your lap for three hours?). See….there’s a lot to consider! Here are the numbers that make the cut:

Roland Mouret Flat Classico Perforated Leather Clutch:icon Roland turns perforation into what I can only describe as hypnotizing hieroglyphs or alien language, and the origami design is brilliant as well; turns out, he knows how to design folds into a bag just as cleverly as he does onto his dresses. It unfolds like one of those paper fortunetellers tots love to make. I have to say, I like this grown-up version better! 
Sophie Hulme Leopard-Print Leather Clutch:icon Calf hair is a no-no, but this leopard print will give you the look without the accompanying maintenance or scratching. Bonus? The chain can act as both an accent or a wristlet for when you want to enjoy a drink during intermission. 
Perrin Paris Pochette Black Widow in Pelle:icon Besides being appropriately artistic, this clutch is especially handy during the month of Halloween. 
Christian Louboutin Rougissime Satin Clutch:icon Of course I need to include an option for the eternal classicist. Whether for ballet, opera, or Hedwig and the Angry Inch, satin is always a showstopper. On for $905.
Givenchy Antigona Leather Envelope Clutch:icon This envelope shape is useful because the flap tucks in without hardware, allowing you to stealthily open it as needed. There’s even a cell phone pocket in the front to make checking your phone a quick, fuss-free experience (for you and your neighbors!). 

Is it possible to ever tire of a good animal print? Looking at the latest crop of wild cat and jungle creature motifs, I have to say no, it’s not possible! In the spectrum of patterns, the animal print is about as neutral and versatile as they come. Which is why a sassy metallic clutch or a spotty paneled tote should be a mainstay in every self-respecting Snob’s wardrobe.
1. Time’s Arrow Haircalf Mini Jo Tote: With detail-oriented structure and plenty of great features (the interior has multiple organizational pockets), this tote reads more luxe than the price tag suggests. 
2. Tory Burch Kira Leopard-Print Calf-Hair and Leather Shoulder Bag:icon Pick up this perfectly sized flap-front shoulder style, and I dare you to not carry it at least a couple times a week. 
3. Miu Miu Pony Animal-Print Shoulder Bag:icon I love a pop of unexpected feminine color this time of year, and this pale pink spin has me looking at leopard in a whole new way. 
4. Tamara Mellon Dazzle Animal-Print Calf-Hair Clutch:icon Tamara’s relatively new eponymous line shines, thanks to her great sense of style. And this abstracted zebra-stripe clutch, featuring unique hardware as the handle, will shine all through the night. 

5. Snob Essentials Leopard-Print Tote:icon We designed our own tote to seamlessly take you from to work to play. The smart shape reads business, while the leopard panel makes for a splash of fun. 

Top 5 Latest Animal Prints

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