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annual leave series blew bursts of spring, still adhere to seek changes in the classic, the innovative designer Fendi logo. Combined with birds and flowers became a spring intent. Replica Fendi 2Jours Handbags launched a limited edition package is currently only sold in the London department store Harrods, only five. This package is fully build by hand, Fendi will launch a special video, record production process of this package. “2Jours” comes from the French Toujours, meaning “forever” or “eternal.” As usual, the design director Silvia Venturini Fendi committed to creating a timeless classic image of the handbag, this design is no exception. As the name handbags, each bag is loyal to the brand philosophy – duality (Dualism), a combination of two different materials, such as fur and leather dressed different to create a low-key luxury classic Fendi has been upheld innovation. Use of materials on more Silvia design skill, assembling geometric embroidery at Flamingo leather, special chrome tanned calf hair (Calf Hair), crocodile leather, calfskin and other elite.

Fendi 2Jours Totes Replica Handbags

Main winter pattern, such as bobcats and geometry, as seen in the handbag. In addition, this package is more practical functionality, in fact, both sides can be opened to increase with features such as large-capacity leaving space for women who have enough storage space for daily necessities. Especially the middle zipper pocket sandwich can be when used in order to put some carry small items, located above Bussell additional security measures can be enhanced, detachable shoulder strap, adding diversity to this package shall be used. Shuai yet elegant style will work especially for female friends. It is worth mentioning that the customized logo (available on the chrome three abbreviation), but also allows “2Jours” package is unique. 2012 autumn and winter 2Jours bag is most worthy of your attention new Fendi bag models, like Fendi’s extravagant control whether they are early in the autumn and winter of this year’s Fendi2012 women’s show, it has been noted that it does? 2Jours is a short handle care special package, the most obvious feature is the horizontal metal bar at the top of the bag, so that bag body has a strong sense of line, as well as the brand Replica Fendi bag decorated with small flags.

Fendi 2Jours Totes Replica Handbags

2Jours Elite Series design is simple, elegant, color hit color, solid colors and prints, etc. Such wild style of minimalism, but when the millennium, plus the star ladies who get together and children’s demonstration and interpretation, 2Jours does not want to fire all done! Gold accessories, positive brand identity, leather double handles, a detachable shoulder strap snap closure has a separate zippered pocket nylon lining, a cell phone pocket, a cell phone pocket, corner studs. It is time for the fall and winter wardrobe to purchase large stock! Highly practical Fendi 2012 autumn and winter series of flagship handbag styles “2Jours” worth considering. Customizable logo (available on the chrome three abbreviation) leaving “2Jours” package is unique. Socialite Olivia Palermo and tidal mother Sarah Jessica Parker can not wait to bring it out of the street! While it is still summer, but always one step ahead of the “fine fashion” who have already begun to prepare for the autumn and winter dress up, Poster Girl is also in finding the most IN, most tasteful 2012 autumn and winter fashion items of it ? When it comes to autumn and winter essential leather, fur a single product, then you must be the most Fendi brand not to be missed.

Fendi 2Jours Totes Replica Handbags

Fendi 2012 autumn and winter fashion, accessories, and what distinctive characteristic? Fendi autumn and winter preview the event to look at it. Fendi autumn and winter, in the “accessories articles”, you will see the fall and winter the most IN Fendi bag, delicate and beautiful ornaments fur shoes, cute clutch and other merchandise have loved a single product. 2012 autumn and winter 2Jours bag is most worthy of your attention new Fendi accessories, like Fendi’s BaoYou whether early in the autumn and winter women Fendi show earlier this year, it has been noticed that it? 2Jours is a short handle tote bag, the most obvious feature is the horizontal metal bar at the top of the bag, so that bag body has a strong sense of line, as well as the brand Fendi bags decorated with small flags. There are two sizes available 2Jours bag, geometric design, simple structure, including surface material is very particular about luxury, including a black matte leather, alligator, python skin, fox fur, mixed colors horsehide, soft patent leather, blankets, leather, velvet woven geometric patterns. Customers can also special order, the first letter of his name printed on the label on the bag. In Europe, where part of the Replica Fendi 2Jours bags listed only a week, in a store to sell more than 40 pieces, but also a lot of stars, the most popular ladies IN bags.

Fendi 2Jours Totes Replica Handbags

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Kesha Looks Polished at the Airport with a Fendi Bag

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Kesha Fendi 2Jours Bag

Kesha was recently spotted at LAX looking rather well put together for someone whose name used to include a dollar sign. She’s carrying a very sophisticated black Fendi 2Jours Bag, customized with her initials. You can grab one for yourself for $2,350 at Nordstrom. This is a completely different Kesha than the one we saw at LAX back in April.

Kesha and her dude pal are traveling with his and hers pastel floral shorts, but don’t let that distract you from Kesha’s completely transparent top. (Though if you’re going fully transparent, that’s exactly the sort of bra you should wear underneath. I approve.) On a related note, lingerie as daywear seems to be trending as of this week – we just saw LA native Kourtney Kardashian flouncing around NYC in this pajama party-appropriate ensemble.

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Bag Battles: Fendi Petit 2Jours vs Saint Laurent Micro Sac Du Jour

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Fendi vs Saint Laurent

Which bag do you pick in this bag battle?

  •  Fendi Petit 2Jours
  •  Saint Laurent Micro Sac Du Jour

View Results

There was a lot of debate when I named the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour as the bag of the weekback in March. While Amanda and I differ on how much we like the Sac Du Jour, we have been on the same page about our admiration for the Fendi 2Jours all along.

Both of these bags continue to garner attention in the accessory world, and both are on my wish list as bags I love. I’m majorly feeling the mini bag trend, and both of these bags come in a pint-sized version.

Today, I’m turning to you to see which of these bags wins in a bag battle, the Fendi Petit 2Jours or the Saint Laurent Micro Sac Du Jour.

Both bags are pretty in pink and both are similar in size, with long crossbody straps. Both designs are very recognizable by now, and the prices are similar, with each bag coming in under $200. (The Saint Laurent bag is $240 more than the Fendi.) Both bags are celeb magnets, however lately the Sac Du Jour has been the bag of choice for Nicole Richie, Rosie Huntington Whitley, Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon.

Vote in our poll and tell me which of the bags you prefer, plus leave a comment below! Buy theFendi bag for $1,750 and the Saint Laurent Bag for $199, both via Nordstrom.

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Micro Tote
$199 via Nordstrom

Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Micro Tote

Fendi Petit 2Jours Elite Leather Shopper
$175 via Nordstrom

Fendi Petit 2Jours Elite Leather Shopper Pink

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