Tune in next week for an in-depth look at Gucci Bamboo

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Gucci Bamboo: Behind the Scenes (2)

I’ve been so excited to share our coverage on the iconic Gucci Bamboo, from the history, to the making, to the bags and accessories. We spent time in Italy becoming acquainted with the product and we look forward to bringing you along the journey as we share it with you as well.

Be sure to tune in next week for beautiful images, insightful history, and some special touches you won’t want to miss.

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Nothing Is What It Looks Like With Their Replica Shoes

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Welcome To Louis Vuitton Handbags Outlet Store To Choose Real Louis Vuitton. Nowadays Louis Vuitton is one of the most counterfeited brands in the fashion world due to its image as a status symbol,it has been the most valuable luxury brand in world and its famous LV monogram are among the world;s most valuable brands.If You Are A Trend-Setter And You Are Interested In Luxury Brand ,You Can Buy Discount Louis Vuitton From Our Louis Vuitton Online Store,We Offer Free Shipping Worldwide,All LV Handbags Sale  Are In Top Quality.Get Your Own LV Now To Be A Fashion Icon!Founded in 1854,Louis Vuitton seems to be the leading brand of quality lifestyle accessories offering classic, modern French styling. It is well known for its Louis Vuitton monogram which is featured on most products.Our Louis Vuitton online store are proud to offer the widest selection of authentic Louis Vuitton bags at affordable prices. These Louis Vuitton handbags come with a variety of materials: Monogram Canvas, Damier Canvas, Epi Leather and so on. We stand behind our products and provide our customers with a happy and secure shopping experience. Now shop for your favorite and suitable Louis Vuitton here.The authentic Louis Vuitton website is the perfect destination for you to buy the cheap and high quality Louis Vuitton products online together with the fast free shipping and best service. We are sure that you will be satisfied by the superior Louis Vuitton handbags,wallets and many accessories. And these Louis Vuitton items will be the best addition to your wardrobe because of the classic style and distinctive design. Now just add the fresh fashion to your daily life with the fabulous Louis Vuitton. Sincerely hope you will have a nice shopping journey at our Louis Vuitton website.

I know we mostly talk, analyze and review knockoff handbags but lately I’ve seen a big interest in replica shoes. So I’ve tried a few sites and here is the first review. But please don’t get too excited, unfortunately some of the shoes are really awful.

Since good replica shoes are harder to find then replica purses and we still don’t have a trusted site for our favorite Christian Louboutin replicas, I thought I could do some research. I selected a few shoes sites; I double checked the customer support, the return and shipping policy and I decided upon what it seemed the most trustworthy. And here is what I received.

I’m not going to talk about these replica shoes, because the flaws are pretty visible. The good thing is that I could return them, even though I have to pay a restocking fee. Here is the best advice I can give you girls: when buying replica shoes, don’t get your hopes up!

First of all you have to keep in mind that replica shoes are not as good as replica purses. While knockoff handbags are 98% like the authentic, replica shoes are like 85% like the real ones. There are some noticeable differences and no matter the site you’re gonna select, you should choose carefully the size. It’s better to measure you foot and pick your size from the size chart the site has, or order a size up.

Another important advice is to keep it simple. Leather shoes will always look better than the ones made of suede or exotic leather like croc or snakeskin. Also replica shoes don’t have the exact height as the authentic ones, for example, if the heel is 160 mm, the replicas will be about 165mm or 155 mm.

Balenciaga City Bags

Welcome to our mid-September Purse Forum Roundup. We have had a great time taking in the Fashion Week coverage and seeing what our members have been up to this week. We stopped into Mulberry to catch some reveals, visited Balenciaga for some serious talk about color, and of course explored other nooks and crannies just for you!

Balenciaga City Bags

It feels like it has been a while since we visited Balenciaga, and sure enough, we had plenty of catching up to do. Right off the bat, we fell in love with legally_yours’ new City Bag in Vert Thyme, a delightful, easy-to-wear hue that fits in perfectly with her collection. Sambalsotong also added a new bag to her collection recently and is looking for a little help identifying the color, which is a pretty shade of sky-with-a-hint-of-periwinkle blue that is going to be fantastic with jeans, we think. And as much as we love color, we cannot deny that izzy48′s new black Balenciaga is absolute perfection. Congratulations to all!

Speaking of color, Balenciaga has lots of colors, and choosing and identifying them can be daunting tasks. We have an in-depth Balenciaga Reference Library to help new and seasoned “Bal” lovers, plus several conversations taking place in the main Bal subforum, covering topics such as the new colors for next spring; the colors for the current fall season; and even discussions on colors like this one on rose corail. Be sure to weigh in on the Best Bal Colors of All Time thread, too!

We survived Fashion Week! Actually, to say we “survived” is dumb, because Fashion Week is just a few days of fancy fashion shows that we’re lucky enough to attend, plus some parties that usually have open bars, or, at the very least, gratis champagne. It’s not exactly a war we were fighting over there at Lincoln Center, you know? And now it’s Friday, even though it’s felt like Friday for the past three days, so let’s have some bag deals.

You all know my shopping habit pretty well (clearly it’s handbags), but now you can hear me talk about it with MyHabit. MyHabit is one of my favorite fashion sale sites, and I was thrilled when they asked me to film a video to share my love of handbags with them. I’m in the video alongside some pretty cool people, like fashion designer of WHIT, Whitney Pozgay, and Michael Chernow, founder of The Meatball Shop.

You all know my habit, but watch this awesome video so I can share it with you! And don’t forget to check back to MyHabit everyday for new sales. Make it your habit and shop MyHabit now.

I’ve been meaning to write this love letter for a while, because the truth is, I’m in love. I always liked the Givenchy Antigona bag, I can even venture to say I began to love it, but the clutch speaks to me so much more that my “like” easily turned to full-blown love and it won’t stop. There is nothing extraordinarily special about this clutch, and I know that, but it’s simply perfect in so many ways.

One of the first reasons is precisely because there is nothing extraordinary about it. Sometimes we just need to see a beautiful, clean piece, and the Antigona clutch delivers just that. An envelope clutch is nothing new, but Givenchy makes it feel fresh and beautiful in a way that delights, by adding just the right amount of volume and folding the leather ever-so-perfectly to create the ideal lines.

I’ve seen it released in various color combinations, leathers, and treatments, and each time Givenchy gets it right. My love letter may not be intense, but it is true.

Elizabeth Berkley carries Stella McCartney in Los Angeles (5)

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – that’s Jessie Spano herself, Elizabeth Berkley, exiting rehearsals for the new season of Dancing With The Stars in LA, carrying a Stella McCartney Falabella Bag. (For those of you born post-1995, Jessie Spano is a character from Saved by the Bell.) As always, Stella’s bags are entirely leather-free, and this one in particular is a longtime favorite of celebs both veg and non-veg. Elizabeth is definitely in the former camp. You can grab her exact bag.

While many debate this bag’s price tag because of its faux leather status, I have to lament that this is one of the only designer bags a hardcore animal rights activists can carry with impunity. (Even though oil-derived vinyls, PVCs, and the like raise another set of ethical issues entirely.) I’m trying to think of other designer bags that are completely animal-free, but other than Stella McCartney and the Furla Candy Satchels, I’m drawing a blank. If you can think of others, please chime in!

Jessica Alba carries a 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Satchel in NYC (5)

We love a good high-low collab, and 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target is the best one to come along in eons. The Target-Phillip Lim lovefest officially commenced this week with a snazzy NYFW launch party. Here’s Jessica Alba, ready to party hard with a sharp-looking 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Satchel – her sweater is from the line as well. All of these celeb-endorsed goodies hit Target stores nationwide September 15th!

The real litmus test for 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target will be of course, if we see a single celeb carrying one their freebie bags after September 15th. (You’ll definitely see me carrying one, FYI.) Jessica is by no means adverse to a reasonably priced bag, but she’s not opposed to an oversized $3,000 designer bag, either. 


It happened. I made it through my 20s and today I’ve reached 30 years old. I’m not one to worry about growing older; in fact, I welcome it as with age comes experience and knowledge, or so I hope. My 20s were such an exciting time. I started Purse when I was 21, graduated college, got married, moved to New York and experienced a lot. Growing up never ends, and neither does experiencing life, so I’m excited to welcome my 30s and whatever they bring.

Ok. Uplifting thoughts aside, yikes, I’m 30.

To celebrate, here are 30 items with which I’d love to kick off this new decade of life, from new bags to shoes to beauty items, let’s get the party started for the next 10 years.

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Celine Phantom Replica Purses: The Best Or What?

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PV Review

It seems that Celine are the most wanted handbags, no matter if we’re talking about authentic or replica purses. No wonder the Celine Luggage Tote was chosen the 2012 “IT” bag. Continuing the designer replica handbags reviews, here is another beautiful Celine replica purse.

“Hello Eva,

I wrote awhile ago about getting a 40cm beige Birkin – I haven’t bought that yet – I’m still looking for the right place to buy – I think 8bags now 2013luxury may be where I get it from. Too bad PV doesn’t have the one I want. In the meantime I did buy a Celine Phantom from PV. I also ordered LV Cabas Ailieurs bag, but before shipping they told me it was damaged and they refunded me the money. I was a little disappointed but overall very happy with their honesty, super fast communication and reliability. I’ve attached pictures of the Phantom in case you want to post to your blog. Let me know what you think.

Celine Replica Handbag

Celine Replica Handbag

Celine Replica Handbag

Celine Replica Handbag

Celine Replica Handbag

I love it. The leather is super soft and the color is perfect. There is one area that got crinkled in shipping but I’m sure it will go away with time and use. There’s also a black dot in the pressed logo, I barely notice it, but it’s there.

What do you think overall – do you think it’s a good replica?

I love love love your Celine bag, it’s really beautiful, congrats! I zoomed in the first picture you sent me and I see the black dot but like you said, it’s barely noticeable. If it’s really bothering you, you can “fix” it with a bit of brown shoe polish. But be careful in choosing the right shade.

I’m so happy when I hear you are pleased with your replica purses. For all of you girls who don’t know where to buy the best Celine Phantom replica purses or what PV is, here is the link to this amazing site.

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An A+ For Their Celine Replica Handbags and B – For Their Services

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Celine replica handbags are not very hard to replicate but what matters most is the quality of the leather and the attention to details. And 2013luxurybags.com is doing a great job with these knockoff handbags.

“Hi Eva,

I just received my Celine mini luggage tote from 2013luxurybags.com and I wanted to send photos along. Overall I think the quality of the leather and construction look amazing! Two gripes, it smells awful- like a bad chemical paint smell. Second, the hardware looks more like a rose gold than a yellow gold and it really is bothering me.

After researching the internet I came up with two solutions. For the smell, I am going to use a small box of baking soda for a week along with activated charcoal to suck up the smell. For the hardware I am going to use Krylon Premium gold leafing pen to touch up the hardware and make it more yellow.
I think after these are complete I will be 100% happy. Thoughts on my new bag?”

Celine Replica Handbags

Celine Replica Handbags

Celine Replica Handbags

Celine Replica Handbags

And here’s an update:

“I would love for you to post my review, I know there were a few girls that were also looking for a Celine luggage tote and I would totally recommend the site!

Something else to note that I forgot to mention. Communication was great up until the week when I was expecting my bag and didn’t get it the day I thought I should. The MLK holiday through me off, but when I emailed the company about how to track from their EMS site, they have still yet to get back to me. I ended up getting my bag so it doesn’t matter but it’s been about 4 days and no word. Maybe they tracked it and saw that I received so that is why they aren’t writing back. Just figured I would mention.


I’m really happy that you like the Celine bag. And you should because it looks really good. The stitching is even, the color is great, the protective bottom studs are a bit crooked but that’s not a major flaw.

The smell will go away in a couple of days, nothing to worry about. What I don’t like is the level of customer support services but let’s be optimistic and hope they’ll pay more attention to this.

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Replica Designer Handbags, Good But Not Great!

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JessyVogue.com Review

I know a lot of you girls are wondering is a good replica designer handbags site. Well, this is the second review and apparently their knockoff purses aren’t that bad.

“Hi there,

Sending you hugs and best wishes for 2013…thanks a billion for all your hard work and advice, always going out of your way to retail-research for us…thank u thank u thank u..I started off my handies buys by ordering a Gucci Indy from Jessyvogue and am sooo happy with it…have attached some photos (hope they are clear enough)…the draw string is a bit tarnished but overall, I can get away with it lol…”

Gucci Replica Indy Handbag

Honey, you’re very welcome! I’m happy I could help! 

Your designer replica handbags are made of quality leather and the good news is that you can do something about the tarnished draw string. You can use a Krylon leafing pen, it will give a metallic finish that actual resembles metal plating.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever order from this site. I don’t trust knockoff sites which don’t accept credit cards as payment method. This is the first rule when buying replica bags, so you ‘all should be very careful.

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Valentino Gives Us All a Reminder That It’s More Than Just Rockstuds

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When a brand has a standout hit like Valentino has with its Rockstud bags and shoes, it can be hard for the average consumer to look beyond that and notice the depth of the brand’s offerings. Balenciaga often has that issue – everyone loves the Motorcycle Bags, and because they became so synonymous with what a Balenciaga bag will look like, some great pieces tended to get pushed to the margins and left relatively unappreciated. With his new Balenciaga Le Dix, Alexander Wang looks to be making sure that the face of the new Balenciaga is one that he’s created. In that spirit, it seemed only appropriate that the Valentino Intricate Soutache Tote got some love of its own, separate from the rest of the Valentino seasonal collection.

Valentino isn’t trying to take the spotlight off its Rockstud bags in the same way that Balenciaga is trying to take a non-Motorcycle step, of course, but I do appreciate that the brand’s accessories crew restrained itself from adding a studded element to these bags in some way, as Valentino does with nearly all of its accessories. I love Rockstuds as much as (if not more than) the next girl, but not everything needs to be Rockstudded. The ornate, tonal piping on the bag’s front panel is as close to leather filigree as anyone will probably ever get, and the subtly luxurious treatment is a perfect representative of the Valentino aesthetic.

On top of that, this bag wasn’t intended just to be admired – with its generous size and two handle options, the Soutache tote is clearly a workhorse. “Pretty” and “functional” don’t often meet in the middle, and the combination should make this bag a customer favorite. If you needed proof that Valentino isn’t just a one-trick Rockstud pony, this should do the trick. Unfortunately, it comes with quite the price tag.

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