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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Evening Dress

When it comes to formal wear, evening dresses occupy a pole position. You can wear the dress for any formal occasion but also to some informal occasions when you want to affirm your fashion sense. It takes a lot of insight to wear the dress to an occasion perfectly. Even though the formal dress code is quite established, it does not mean that most people are capable of getting it right on all occasions. There are so many options to choose from, and this can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you are accustomed to dressing up formally or you are new to evening dresses, a few tips can always point you in the right direction when you need some inspiration. Here are some five tips for choosing the perfect evening dress.


The first thing you should consider is the kind of event that you will be attending. Even though all formal occasions require an appropriate dress, it does not mean that one particular dress can be suitable for all formal occasions. The event itself gives you a hint of the style choices you will make. The kind of dress you would wear to prom would for instance not be suitable for a corporate event. There are different style and color choices you can make depending on the event. The material and design choices are also important considerations for certain events. If you have no idea what to wear, you can take a look at how previous attendees have dressed and make your decisions about the style choices you observe.

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Evening Dress


It is important to wear what other people are wearing especially in modern times. Nowadays, fashion evolves quite a lot, and you need to keep in touch with what is happening around the world. There are many places where you can observe the emerging trends in fashion. Switzerland is particularly a trendsetter when it comes to evening dresses, and places like Zurich Opera are where you can see recent fashion trends in evening dress fashion industry. Evening dresses (Swiss people call them “Abendkleider”) are highly coveted in Swiss culture, and you can always expect to find the latest trends from this country. If you can, make a point of experiencing the Swiss’ take on evening dress fashion choices, and you will undoubtedly get a vivid insight into the right style choices.


It is almost impossible to nail any look without putting accessories into consideration. Just like any other style, you will need to wear other things like jewelry and also carry a purse or bag alongside the dress. You can opt to buy new accessories that match the dress you will wear, or you can use some that you already have.

The most important issue is to know how to match the right accessories with the dress you wear. There are many accessory styles you could consider, but the most important are:

  • Choose the right colors for necklaces and rings
  • A belt is essential when wearing some long gowns
  • You can mix and match accessories only when you are totally sure of your choices
  • Simplicity should always be the primary consideration

    You can almost never go wrong with a timeless style. Over the years, many new style choices have come up while others have disappeared. There are a few though that never seem to fade away whether you go back fifty or a hundred years. Some of these styles are always a crucial fallback plan that you can rely on especially when you have completely hit the wall. A timeless style is also great when you know that you will need to attend several formal events and you do not have enough time to go over new dress choices. The Swiss Abendkleid is a great reference point if you want to see some of the best timeless evening dress choices.

    5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Evening Dress


    Finally, measurements are also very crucial when choosing the right dress. Formal styles are always great when you have the right dress that fits you. You should not wear a dress that is either too long, too short or loosely fitted. Getting the right look means that the final impression is that of sleekness. Always consider how the dress feels after you have worn it. If you are ordering for a dress, ensure that the measurements you send are recent and a true depiction of your size. Wearing a dress that is anything other than sleek is simply objectionable if you are aiming at appearing elegant.

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