The Writing Is On the Wall – Free LV Graffiti Scarves With Every Replica Handbags At PV!

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January Promotion

They say you can’t get something for nothing, but apparently nobody told the people at PV that! I’ve mentioned their monthly giveaways before – last month I got one of their free LV Speedy replica handbags and it was perfect.

I wore the free Louis Vuitton Speedy bag to a party last weekend and I was amazed how many people came up to me and complimented me on it. The fact that it was a replica is something I kept as my little secret!

This month you can get a beautiful Louis Vuitton Graffiti scarf when you purchase $75 worth of designer replica handbags, shoes or jewelry. I love it in pink and black – I own a Graffiti Neverfull GM with the same color combination and I can’t wait to match them!

There’s just one catch, but it’s not really a catch at all. You need to be a member of Club Couture, the official club of PV, but it’s completely free to join and it only took me five minutes. Now I get all sorts of offers and discounts on designer replica handbags in addition to the monthly giveaways.

I spent a fortune over the holidays, so I was sure glad to get something free!

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Promise Greatness But Delivers Average Replica Shoes!

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Replica Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

I know you’ve been waiting anxiously for it, so, here it is: the first reader submitter review about the free Louis Vuitton Speedy bag offered by PV! Considering how happy Victor is with the bag, which was actually a Christmas gift for his sister, it looks like he is going to become a regular customer of this site!

“Hello Eva!

After you answered my questions I had about getting a Louis Vuitton Speedy Replica, I went on the site and saw the promotion for a free one!! So I decided to purchase two of the replica Tiffany bracelets and packaging as gifts!! I think my sister and mom are going to love them!
First off, I was so impressed by how well made the Speedy is! It comes with a dust bag, a lock and keys, some paperwork and cleaning manual-like the real ones do! It looks beautiful and I am tempted to keep it for myself! But I think I will just have to order another for myself after I give this one to my sister. The Tiffany’s bracelets were spot-on! I have purchased quite a few pieces from the actual Tiffany retailer and let me tell you- I couldn’t tell the difference!! The replicas weigh a little less, but they come engraved with the “return to Tiffany’s”, and the silver code. The Tiffany bags I purchased were a great replica as well!! I am extremely satisfied and I cannot wait to do more business with PV!!
I have to admit, although I was hesitant at first to order anything, after thoroughly reading your posts and you answering my questions I was ready to. Now receiving the product confirms how great the replicas are!!! Thank you Eva!!! Attached are some photos to put on your site, sorry about the lighting quality, I will take more once they are opened again after Christmas in sunlight and send more. Here is my email and blog if anyone wishes to get more confirmation on placing an order!!! Happy holidays!


No, thank you Victor! I’m happy that your fist purchase was a success! I love it when readers come back and tell us about the replica bags they’ve bought! It’s helpful for other readers and the more details we have of a replica site the better! If this review convinced you it’s time to buy a replica, purchase it here!

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What Is The Right Price To Pay For Replica Handbags?

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This is a question I’ve answered countless times for readers and friends over the years. Sometimes I take for granted that I’ve shopped at so many replica handbags sites that I can immediately tell the fair price from the nonsense, as well as the price that screams This is not worth a dime!!

With replica handbags particularly the rule applies that if the price is too good to be true, it is. If you see a $25 replica Louis Vuitton purse, run for the hills. It’s just as true that if the price is really high, there’s pretty much no way it’s worth it. The reason is the vast majority of bags can be perfectly replicated for $200-$300. Bags that are priced double and triple that are just about guaranteed to be priced to impress. Very few replica handbags actually need to be $600.

What you need to remember though is that the bag you’re buying is meant to replicate a bag that, authentic, is worth a thousand, or several thousand dollars. It’s worth it to pay a little extra to get high quality, because you’re already saving immensely – the trick is just knowing what’s too much, because some sites are just tacking on extra cost to make it look like they have higher quality.

The Illusion of Savings – $100 Replica

This is a tricky price range for many people. It’s only $100 and it looks the same as the site that’s selling it for $200 or $250. The difference is colossal though. In the case of this Neverfull it’s the difference between having a realistic reproduction of the Louis Vuitton monogram canvas (which you can have for $250) and having this flimsy canvas that will not age properly and will likely tear within a few months.

The Glorified Plastic Bag – $20 Replica

I shouldn’t need to explain much here. If you were a $2000 Fendi purse on sale for $20, do you think you’d be a faithful representation of the real thing? Bags priced like this are not worth ten cents because they’re never believable to even the least trained eyes and they’re usually made of plastic basically. You’re liable to wear it once, get laughed at, and throw it out. This bag is not even based on a real design.

The Waste of Money – $650 Replica

Here’s precisely what I was talking about that you have to learn to avoid. A lot of replica sites will get people with Hermes, because the real ones are so expensive they’ll try to justify the $650 or $700 price tag. In this case this isn’t even a good replica Hermes Messenger worth $300, let alone $700. While it’s obvious a $20 bag is crap, it’s more difficult with a price that’s too high. But if you know that there’s very little reason why a replica purse should cost more than $300-$350, ever, you’ll know that this is just a tactic to make you think you’re getting something better.

The Sweet Spot – $200-300 Replica

This is what I like to call the sweet spot, because the vast majority of replica sites sell most of their purses in this price range. They are often the most honest vendors. The reason is this is the price range that reflects the cost of manufacture and materials necessary to reproduce a high quality luxury designer purse. This flap purse is $275 and it’s flawless.

There are very few cases where I would recommend paying over $350 for a replica purse. I have had by far the most success in terms of quality and value in the $200-300 range, because that’s the realistic price, and you know you’re dealing with an honest vendor.

I’m sure ladies have a lot of questions about this subject so please feel free…what else are people confused about?

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Replica Site Review: Poshmoda Isn`t Quite There, Again

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Here`s a little replica site review in the form of a charming anecdote from first time replica handbag voyager, Gina. We`ve got quite a number of replica site reviews already on this site, but with a site that`s as big and popular as PoshModa, we`ve always got room for one more. After all, this blog is about a dialogue between total handbag geeks and we can always have one more bag to talk about, right? Here`s what Gina had to say about her experience.

“Hi Eva,
I messaged you on Facebook a few days ago about my purchase, I got a Speedy 30 Damier, I just wanted to get you opinion on it, whether its a good replica or not, since it was my first replica handbag I’m not too familiar with the quality I’m suppose to expect but I did notice a few tiny flaws. One flaw that bugged me the most was that on the “made in France” tab was done way to lightly, the letters are not embossed well onto the leather, and also there’s no # “30″ under the tab. Other than that the shipping and customer service was excellent!

thank u,

Thanks so much Gina!

For me to really give you my most thorough inspection on this bag, I`d need to see it in person. But, I can tell you a few things from the pics you sent and your review:

1. Based on the pictures, this looks like a good LV Speedy Damier. That basically means that your replica handbag should pass as real for anyone who`s not an expert.
2. Flaws like you mentioned – an incorrect “Made in France” embossing and the missing ID # may seems small, but they are exactly the sorts of things that tip off people to the inauthenticity of the bag. This replica wouldn`t pass an expert inspection which makes you have to wonder, is it good enough for me?

My final assessment is that this bag is decent but not good enough. I am constantly disappointed with Poshmoda these days – what gives?!!

What do you think if Gina’s bag? Does it pass the inspection of our discerning readers?

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Great Bag If You Can Wait

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This is a really great review by a lovely reader, Victoria Woods, who was on to some great little tactics for pre-screening your purchase. She also gets my full respect for hounding the customer service when she was mistreated and her package was missing. This is the kind of active shoppers I like to hear from! Love it!

“Hey Ms. Eva!

I wanted to share a review of my recent Mulberry Bayswater purchase from bag. I first did my search through Bagaholics for a Bayswater and was going to make the purchase when I noticed small differences in detail from the pictures on the Mulberry site and Bag site. The zipper was going from left to right as opposed to right to left, as well as the Mulberry leather patch inside on the Bagaholics site was square/rectangle as opposed to the oval shape on the Mulberry site. But, I came to find out through web searches and forums that this is normal in some purses (supposedly, haven’t seen any pictures to verify yet). So I made my purchase on bag on the 26th of February. What sweetened the deal was the free shipping and the deal of purchasing more items gave me a discount on the total price. I basically got a Tiffany bracelet for free and brought the price of the purse down by a couple of dollars.

After a week, I got anxious waiting to here back about if it had shipped out. I sent a couple of messages (since there’s no phone number) with no response. I was starting to get upset because they have my money yet I have no purse, let alone any information of what’s going on. After about a week and half from placing the order, I finally get an email saying it shipped…great! So I go to try and track it from the information they gave and it didn’t show any information. After a day or two of the same message I got scared again. I sent two more emails demanding to know what was going on with my order and finally got a response back on Monday (03/14) that they had given me the wrong shipping company and said it was on it’s way and I should receive it by Tuesday or Wednesday. So…thankfully I received my package yesterday and here are the results 
The purse smelled soooo good, like real leather (I keep smelling it, lol) and it was more than I expected. The quality of leather is just a wonder. It’s a mirror image of what I see on the Mulberry site and other purse sites. The stitching is perfect and it contains the Made In England tag and everything. The purse looks a bit more shiny in the pics as I had to use my camera on my phone (damn droid x). But as you can see the purse looks great and I love it. I’m not in love with their line of communication but considering it came from China, I guess I should’ve been little more patient but I don’t regret my actions.”

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Angelina Jolie Looks Fabulous As New Face of LV – Who Cares If She`s Wearing Makeup!

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Well, it`s official. Angelina Jolie is the new celebrity face of Louis Vuitton. The world`s most famous luxury brand can now add to its list of smiling faces behind its core values campaign, the woman who`s perhaps the most famous actress-activist in the world. The only question is why it took this long? She`s perfect in the role!

The ad features Jolie contemplative and relaxed on a wooden boat in Cambodia, the country she`s adored ever since filming the Lara Croft movie there, and where she adopted her most recent child, Maddox, with hubby Brad Pitt. They`ve also started a very large charity in Maddox`s name in Cambodia.

What`s strange about the whole situation is the mindless gossip floating around about whether or not she`s wearing makeup, whether or not her bare feet are flattering to her, and whether or not it`s really her own six year old Louis Vuitton Alto Monogram in the picture.

Frankly, it`s absolutely obvious that she is wearing makeup in the picture, but who cares? Yes, the photo shoot (shot by long time LV photographer Annie Leibovitz) is meant to depict a natural situation, but I mean really, when would a huge celebrity ever allow herself to be photographed without makeup? For an ad that will be shown all over the world in ten thousand different publications? Dream on!

I for one think it`s more interesting that she`s decided to donate a large portion of her payment (rumored to be $10 million) to charity, likely to the Maddox Jolie-Pitt fund, of course. Also the fact that Maddox and three more of her children were at the photo shoot, apparently horse-playing just out of the shot. Or how about that she chose the location in Cambodia to draw further attention to the struggle that the people are going through there.

I think it`s admirable, and after all she looks fabulous, at ease, and chic. So, it is just a fashion advertisement, but good fashion is about more than that, and there`s no harm in her attempt to use that power for a little more…it`s just too bad people can`t get over the makeup question!

Reality alert…she is wearing makeup, and so am I!!

What do you think about Angelina as the face of Louis Vuitton?

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