Angelina Jolie Looks Fabulous As New Face of LV – Who Cares If She`s Wearing Makeup!

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Well, it`s official. Angelina Jolie is the new celebrity face of Louis Vuitton. The world`s most famous luxury brand can now add to its list of smiling faces behind its core values campaign, the woman who`s perhaps the most famous actress-activist in the world. The only question is why it took this long? She`s perfect in the role!

The ad features Jolie contemplative and relaxed on a wooden boat in Cambodia, the country she`s adored ever since filming the Lara Croft movie there, and where she adopted her most recent child, Maddox, with hubby Brad Pitt. They`ve also started a very large charity in Maddox`s name in Cambodia.

What`s strange about the whole situation is the mindless gossip floating around about whether or not she`s wearing makeup, whether or not her bare feet are flattering to her, and whether or not it`s really her own six year old Louis Vuitton Alto Monogram in the picture.

Frankly, it`s absolutely obvious that she is wearing makeup in the picture, but who cares? Yes, the photo shoot (shot by long time LV photographer Annie Leibovitz) is meant to depict a natural situation, but I mean really, when would a huge celebrity ever allow herself to be photographed without makeup? For an ad that will be shown all over the world in ten thousand different publications? Dream on!

I for one think it`s more interesting that she`s decided to donate a large portion of her payment (rumored to be $10 million) to charity, likely to the Maddox Jolie-Pitt fund, of course. Also the fact that Maddox and three more of her children were at the photo shoot, apparently horse-playing just out of the shot. Or how about that she chose the location in Cambodia to draw further attention to the struggle that the people are going through there.

I think it`s admirable, and after all she looks fabulous, at ease, and chic. So, it is just a fashion advertisement, but good fashion is about more than that, and there`s no harm in her attempt to use that power for a little more…it`s just too bad people can`t get over the makeup question!

Reality alert…she is wearing makeup, and so am I!!

What do you think about Angelina as the face of Louis Vuitton?

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Readers Submitted Review: Isn`t Fabulous At All

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There`s little worse than finding out about a first-time replica encounter gone sour and that`s exactly what happened when Diane bought her first replica bag. Read on an find out more about Diane`s experience – and give her some encouragement! Let`s not let this be her last time shopping replica.

“Oh Eva! I’m so disappointed! I got a bag the other day and it’s not right at all. It’s my first time with replica and I thought I could tell by the site that it was a good one put clearly I was wrong. Do you think the site looks good, or no? I don’t get it…

Anyway, I placed an order with these guys on the 10th of May and everything seemed to be going ok. They got back to me right away when I emailed to see when the bag was coming. The person I talked to seemed nice and I was really excited but it took 3 weeks for my bag to come after he told me it would take 10 days so I was already worried about what the bag would be like and it turns out my worrying made sense!

I ordered a Damier Azur bag – I just love this material everytime I see it but that bag I got just isn’t right. It’s all “bunchy” in the corners (sorry, I don’t know the technical name for it!) and one of the brass loops is broken. I don’t know, I’m not an expert in the subject. Is my replica supposed to look bunchy like that? I feel like it has to be wrong. I’m SOOO disappointed Eva.

I’ve attached some picks. Please tell me I’m not crazy! This bag is no good!

You are certainly NOT crazy Diane. This bag is trash. I`m so sick of them – they make bad bags and dupe people with a site that looks good. I`m so sorry that they got you Diane! Argh! These guys make me so MAD!!! Thanks for your review Diane and I hope this hasn`t turned you off of replica altogether – there are some good ones out there, I promise!

Here`s something to remember: if you`re paying only $100 dollars for a replica Louis Vuitton bag it will probably be a bag, even if the site looks good. It does cost a bit to get quality replicas.

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Reader Submitted Review: Replica Handbags Are Worth The Wait

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Here`s another reader submitted review from a Spot Bags favorite, Aleia. This time she`s looking, a website that I`ve been super curious about of late but don`t know nearly enough about. Lucky for us, Aleia delivers one of her classic reviews and teaches us a thing or two about this website and a simple gorgeous replica Hermes Birkin bag in the process. Enjoy, I know that I did!

“Dearest Eva,

Hope you had a great weekend at the beach! Yesterday I picked up the Birkin I ordered for a friend(the site you recommended) and the quality more that covers up for totally ignoring their promise to send by DHL or TNT, here’s a summary of my experience with them and pictures of the bag (my friend screamed and jumped in joy when I gave it to her )

My friend wanted the 40cm Birkin in Jean blue color in Clemence leatherl. I sent an email to check their customer service, check if the bag is in stock before I order and finally to insist the order be sent by DHL/TNT/UPS as EMS to where I live are very slow and I have to clear customs myself. They reply very fast to emails.

The bag was in stock and they agreed to send by a good courier service, I placed my order and they charge $105 for shipping and handling, I found that a little pricy compared to other sites, I got a 5% discount for paying by western union, they took a couple of days to pick up payment and sent out the order three days after, by EMS! That really annoyed me since they promised to ship by a good courier service and they charged a lot on shipping, 8 days later I got a call from the local post to pick up my order..and the bag is a beauty Eva! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, what do you think? And isn’t the color soo perfect! (I didn’t removed any of the protective stickers b4 I took photos).”

That is an amazing bag, Aleia. I think I need one now! Hee Hee. I have to say though, you`re right about the $105 shipping being pricey (especially considering they ended up sending your bag EMS anyway) but I`m glad that the bag and the service were top notch. Let`s count as another quality website to consider and hope they improve their shipping in the coming months. Thanks Aleia!

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These Guys Deliver In The Shoe Department Too!

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That`s right, it`s time for another reader submitted review! This review comes to us from Rebekah who will share with us her experiences regarding replica shoes. I`ve been seriously thinking about picking up replica shoes lately and I`m so glad that Rebekah decided to share her replica shoe shopping experience with us. I have to say, given their track record with bags I`m not surprised the delivers in the shoe department. That being said, it`s great to see my suspicions confirmed in this super-positive review.


I wanted to send you a review of the Christian Louboutin Moulage shoe that I bought from purse. I have bought a few bags from purse lately, and noticed they now carry shoes. I was SO excited about the new addition to the website!! I knew their bags were amazing, so I decided to give them a try in the shoe department. After receiving the Christian Louboutin Moulage shoe in the mail (about 12 days after ordering on the website), I couldn’t be more thrilled with my purchase. After shipping, the cost was about $165 which is absolutely reasonable. I wore them out to dinner with my boyfriend last week with a pair of green military skinny jeans and they looked to die for! They are constructed very well. I didn’t have any problems walking on such a high heel, they were so comfortable, and did not rub anywhere on my foot.

Here is a website showing the real shoe – and celebrities wearing it:

Overall, I cannot wait to purchase another pair of shoes from purse…and of course, more handbags. Simply put, there is not a reason to shop for replica handbags, jewelry, or shoes anywhere else online. This website is perfection!!

I attached photos of the shoes I purchased for you They were taken on my iPhone, so the quality isn’t the best, but you’ll get the idea.

Have a great holiday season!

What do you girls think of Rebekah`s Louboutin purchase? I think they`re fabulous and I couldn`t be more excited to start getting some pairs for myself

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PV Fans Unite On Facebook…Without Me?

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Now here`s something that just made me smile this morning. Somebody out there has good taste! I received a Facebook message from my friend Naomi telling me that someone has started a fan page for my favorite replica handbags site, Purse Valley on Facebook. I hadn`t even thought of doing that, but it`s about time. They`re the best, and I guarantee there are fans of their stuff all over Facebook.

I can`t wait to see it grow. It`s actually going to be a really great reference for a lot of the things I`m talking about here on Spot. I always love hearing what everyone else is saying…no matter how much I trust my own fashion taste…lol.

You can visit PV don`t forget to show your love, by joining the page! See you there…

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Great Bag If You Can Wait

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This is a really great review by a lovely reader, Victoria Woods, who was on to some great little tactics for pre-screening your purchase. She also gets my full respect for hounding the customer service when she was mistreated and her package was missing. This is the kind of active shoppers I like to hear from! Love it!

“Hey Ms. Eva!

I wanted to share a review of my recent Mulberry Bayswater purchase from bag. I first did my search through Bag for a Bayswater and was going to make the purchase when I noticed small differences in detail from the pictures on the Mulberry site and Bag site. The zipper was going from left to right as opposed to right to left, as well as the Mulberry leather patch inside on the Bag site was square/rectangle as opposed to the oval shape on the Mulberry site. But, I came to find out through web searches and forums that this is normal in some purses (supposedly, haven’t seen any pictures to verify yet). So I made my purchase on bag on the 26th of February. What sweetened the deal was the free shipping and the deal of purchasing more items gave me a discount on the total price. I basically got a Tiffany bracelet for free and brought the price of the purse down by a couple of dollars.

After a week, I got anxious waiting to here back about if it had shipped out. I sent a couple of messages (since there’s no phone number) with no response. I was starting to get upset because they have my money yet I have no purse, let alone any information of what’s going on. After about a week and half from placing the order, I finally get an email saying it shipped…great! So I go to try and track it from the information they gave and it didn’t show any information. After a day or two of the same message I got scared again. I sent two more emails demanding to know what was going on with my order and finally got a response back on Monday (03/14) that they had given me the wrong shipping company and said it was on it’s way and I should receive it by Tuesday or Wednesday. So…thankfully I received my package yesterday and here are the results 
The purse smelled soooo good, like real leather (I keep smelling it, lol) and it was more than I expected. The quality of leather is just a wonder. It’s a mirror image of what I see on the Mulberry site and other purse sites. The stitching is perfect and it contains the Made In England tag and everything. The purse looks a bit more shiny in the pics as I had to use my camera on my phone (damn droid x). But as you can see the purse looks great and I love it. I’m not in love with their line of communication but considering it came from China, I guess I should’ve been little more patient but I don’t regret my actions.”

What do you girls think, have you had any experience with so far?

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