Rankin Captures Avon’s Winter 2018 Beauty Trends

Divine Dream Makeup Look from Avon Winter 2018 Campaign. Photo: Rankin/The Full ServiceDivine Dream Makeup Look from Avon Winter 2018 Campaign. Photo: Rankin/The Full Service

Cosmetics brand Avon introduces its winter 2018 color edit with a new campaign. Avon teams up with photographer Rankin and The Full Service to amp up the attitude with inspirational new beauty films. The images showcase four different makeup trends including Molten Metals, Fired Up, Go Galactic and Divine Dream. Kim Howells styles the shoot with Nick Irwin on hair and makeup by Marco Antonio.


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Avon Winter 2018 Campaign by Rankin

Fired Up! Makeup Look from Avon Winter 2018 Campaign. Photo: Rankin/The Full ServiceFired Up Makeup Look from Avon Winter 2018 Campaign. Photo: Rankin/The Full ServiceGo Galactic Makeup Look from Avon Winter 2018 Campaign. Photo: Rankin/The Full ServiceGo Galactic Makeup Look from Avon Winter 2018 Campaign. Photo: Rankin/The Full Service
Molten Metals Makeup Look from Avon Winter 2018 Campaign. Photo: Rankin/The Full ServiceMolten Metals Makeup Look from Avon Winter 2018 Campaign. Photo: Rankin/The Full Service

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Purseonals: Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Nano

Categories:Louis Vuitton

A few months back I decided that I needed a red bag in my life and I was dead set on adding something Saint Laurent to my ever-expanding collection of bags. I’m all for mini bags these days as they not only fit into my personal style, but also my lifestyle really well. Saint Laurent does red really, really well but even still I couldn’t decide which bag I wanted to make mine. You guys certainly had a lot to say, but in true Kaitlin form I went in to try them on not once, not twice, but I think three, or maybe even four, times. On my final try I ended up in Neiman Marcus and left even more confused when the Sales Associate suggested I try the Céline Nano Luggage Tote in lipstick red since it had a top zip—unlike the Sac de Jour. Luckily I didn’t make any rash decisions, but rather I went home and gave it some thought. Actually, I gave it a lot of thought.

Ultimately I deciced that the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Nano in Embossed Croc spoke to me more. I could picture myself wearing it and once I realized that it felt like something I couldn’t live without, I knew it was the one. I decided to order my bag through Farfetch, as I did not want to make a fifth trip to the store and risk another bout of confusion. Farfetch offers 10% off your first purchase so it was kind of a no brainer for me as I had never purchased through Farfetch before. It could not have been any easier! With one quick search I located the bag, added it to my cart and immediately starting checking the order status. Farfetch is unique because they curate pieces from luxury brands and boutiques around the world. I was able to find the bag I wanted in less than a minute. I’ve had my bag for about 3 weeks now and after putting her to use in multiple situations I’m not only ready to review my bag in great detail, but I’m 100% sure that I made the right choice. I simply cannot love this bag more. Are you ready to see how she stacks up?



As I mentioned above I am completely obsessed with this bag, and it’s the overall look of this bag that really drew me in and helped me to make my final decision. I love the sleek shape of this bag so much. The original Sac de Jour was shrunken down into a compact nano cut and I adore how cute it looks both on body with the strap as well as hand carried with the top handle. When it’s carried via the top handle, the Nano Sac de Jour looks super dainty which changes up the look of this bag completely. The embossed croc leather stands out in bright scarlet red, and I’ve already spotted people checking out my bag both on the street and on the subway when I’ve been out and about in NYC. The calfskin leather has a nice glossy sheen to it too,, which gives it a very luxe look overall.

True to the classic Sac de Jour shape, this mini has accordion-like gusseted sides with snaps on the front of the bag. Just yesterday when using this bag I realized it looked sort of cool and different worn with the snaps open, and this is another feature that contributes to a 5-star rating in the aesthetics category from me. The bag is finished with metal purse feet, which do more for practicality purposes than the look of the bag, and last, but certainly not least, this nano has a padlock which is housed in a little leather case. It’s also totally removable if you want to wear the bag without it.


Usability + Functionality

Though this bag adds a lot to my wardrobe in terms of the style factor, it doesn’t go above and beyond in terms of functionality. I would actually probably give this more like a 2.5, but I generously rounded up. This bag doesn’t have a top zip, which is a HUGE downside for me, especially living in a busy and crowded city like New York. I’m constantly on the move and rushing through crowded places, and I don’t love carrying around a bag that doesn’t zip closed. However, I will say that the interior of this bag is so tiny and the sides are super structured that it would likely be very hard for someone to get a hand inside without me realizing. I wore this bag out to a very crowded bar recently with the cross body strap on and I didn’t feel vulnerable at all.

The biggest problem I have with this bag is definitely the open design, but another thing I don’t love is the lack of interior pockets. It has none, not even a small card slot, which to be honest, really surprised me. I can’t remember the last bag I reviewed that didn’t have at least one small pocket inside, especially mini-bags. The interior of this bag is tiny, and with overall dimensions of 8.6″ W x 7.0″ H 4.1″ D, you definitely have to streamline what it is that you carry.

Inside I’ve been carrying my Saint Laurent Small Wallet, my Ray-Ban sunglasses in their original case, a tiny cosmetics pouch, both my personal iPhone X and my work iPhone 6S as well as my keys and headphones. When going out at night I nix one of the phones and the sunglasses and I have more room, but to be honest I don’t really need it. I’m so used to carrying small bags that the size of this bag didn’t deter me at all from buying it. In fact the next size up, which is the Sac de Jour Baby, was simply a bit too big for me. The nano works perfectly for day and night use while the baby size felt more like a day bag. It’s also worth noting that because the bag is super structured, you really have to organize your things in a specific way, and after using this bag a ton I’ve got it almost down to a science of what goes where. It’s also a bit easier to get in and out of when you open up the snaps.


Quality + Construction

Made in Italy of 100% calfskin leather this bag is incredibly well-crafted. The quality of the leather is not only spectacular, but being that it’s not super-soft calfskin it’s also very durable. A bag that won’t show wear very easily is very important for my on-the-go city lifestyle. My bags go through a lot of wear and tear on any given day, so the quality and craftsmanship of a bag is a big decision-making factor for me. I also really like that this bag has metal feet. Every once in a while my bags unfortunately find their way to the floor, so it’s great that this bag has protection if that happens.

The Nano Sac de Jour is incredibly lightweight, and being that it’s a mini bag that doesn’t hold very much, when you’re wearing it cross body and completely hands free, it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing a bag! The lightweight factor is nice too when daintily carrying the bag via the top handles. Nothing is worse than carrying a top handle bag that feels like a ten pound weight! The leather might be thick and sturdy—almost a bit too stiff, but I think it will give over time—and incredibly durable, but the bag overall is the furthest thing from heavy and bulky.



The Saint Laurent Sac de Jour line is pretty pricey, with the largest size retailing for $3,150 in Embossed Croc. Though the version I have—the nano—comes in at a bit over $2K. It will set you back $2,290, which though definitely pricey for a mini-bag is not completely awful in the scheme of things. As we’ve explored before, many designers are pricing mini-bags around the $3K mark, which is a super-high price point, especially for a small bag you might not be using daily, so at just over $2,000 this bag is about average in price compared to other designers. For example, the Céline Nano Luggage bag I looked at was priced just under $3,000.


Staying Power

The Sac de Jour was released by Hedi Slimane about five years ago now, and since its release the brand has introduced new sizes, leathers and colors. Though Slimane is now out at Saint Laurent, this bag has become a true classic and is loved by starlets, influencers and every-day bag lovers alike. When I first began looking at this bag Amanda suggested I might want to wait a bit to see what happens and the direction in which Saint Laurent will take now that Slimane has moved on to Céline. However this bag is a classic shape that will remain relevant whether the brand discontinues it or not. I’ve wanted a version of this bag for a long time, and if the photo below is any indication, I’m thrilled to finally have this bag in my rotation!


Overall Rating

Overall this bag gets a solid 4 stars. The shape of the Sac de Jour is classic and perfect for an every day bag. For me, the nano size is just right, but the baby, is also a great size option! The luxe embossed leather coupled with the bright scarlet red makes this bag a true show stopper. Carrying this pretty lady brings with it that new handbag joy and I’ve been walking around with a bit of an extra pep in my step! Though this bag is far from it, that feeling of confidence is truly priceless.

Saint Laurent won big with the release of the Sac de Jour, and I’m not surprised that it continues to preform well for the brand. The bag I chose adds a fun pop of color, but if you want to stay true to the classic shape, you can also do it in basic black or a more muted tone. I love that there’s an SDJ for everyone.

Shop Sac de Jour Bags Here


P.S. Please consider supporting our small, bag-loving team by clicking our links before shopping or checking out at your favorite online retailers like Amazon, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or any of the listed partners on our shop page. We truly appreciate your support! 

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Haute Couture Modest Fashion Honors Faith & Glamour


Modern Modest FashionAll photos courtesy of Deposit Photos

In 2018, modest fashion is no longer a niche with just a handful of followers. Judging by what we see on catwalks and social media, modest fashion is slowly becoming an international buzzword that changes the way in which faith, fashion, and glamour intertwine.

But what is modest fashion exactly? One way of explaining this style would be to take it literally: to dress modestly, appropriately, in a way that doesn’t draw attention. Kate Middleton’s outfits are representative of modest fashion. At every public appearance, she looks elegant and sophisticated, the cuts are clean and flattering, but not in a scandalous and provocative way. Long sleeves, high necklines, and conservative cuts are the key elements in modest fashion, without becoming old or outdated.

Another interpretation of modest fashion (and the most interesting one to observe, as it continues to grow its influence into the closed world of high-end fashion) is fashion that is appropriate for the followers of a particular faith. Hijabs, Khimars, Abayas, and Jilbabs, are examples of Muslim clothing items that are being honored by modern designers in a unique way that blends tradition with glamour. In this faith-fashion fusion, designers respect the religious background of traditional clothing items, while at the same time adding a modern twist.

Everyday Modest Fashion Glamour

Large fashion houses like Dolce & Gabbana and Atelier Versace have started to incorporate Muslim-inspired elements in their designs, but it’s independent local designers that do the most justice to this style and offer haute fashion inspiration to women who want to dress well while at the same time respecting their spiritual heritage.

Although Hijabs and Abayas are inadvertently tied to Muslim culture, local fashion designers have turned them into haute couture accessories that hold their own. Take the case of Hana Tajima for example, whose collaboration with UNIQLO has turned her into one of the most inspirational Muslin designers. Her designs incorporate the traditional values behind Muslim clothing and add a modern touch that proves modest fashion doesn’t have to be plain or glamourless.

Modest fashion is headed in a direction where women are encouraged to wear Hijabs that fit well and can be worn for elegant occasions. Bokitta™, a Lebanon-based hijab fashion brand encompasses comfort and class, offering stylish options to women who want to buy unique Hijabs.  They break the stereotypes surrounding Muslim fashion, proving that Muslim women don’t have to be restricted to a bland style of clothing. Their designs, which have been praised for their beauty, have the whole package: culturally appropriate, sophisticated and well-tailored.

Modest fashion stands out through unique and sophisticated designs, but, at the same time, founders also try to implement ethical practices, partnering with local social enterprises like Sew Suite to provide employment to socially disadvantaged local women.


Mainstream Western fashion can learn a lot from the concepts behind modest Muslim fashion, and some designers have tried to include this culture in their collections. In 2016, Dolce & Gabbana launched a hijab and abaya range for Muslim women, a business idea that Forbes described as the brand’s smartest move in years. Other big names, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Oscar de la Renta and DKNY have also launched collections that appeal to Muslim women, and their market value in the Middle East has grown considerably.

And of course, we couldn’t talk about the rise to power of modest fashion without considering the huge influence that social media has played in the equation. Social media influencers like Sahar Shaykzada and Hani Hans have gained tens of thousands of followers by showcasing their makeup skills and showing that wearing a Hijab or other Muslim clothing items don’t have to be restricted for one’s beauty and that fashion and religion can meet. Before social media, Muslim fashion was overrepresented in the news media, but underrepresented everywhere else. Now, we can see a rise in Muslim influencers.

Ten years ago, going into a store to find that perfect item of modest clothing was nearly impossible. You either had to spend thousands on a basic item or settle for something completely bland and uninspiring. Now, thanks to the contribution of Muslim designers, women no longer have to settle for less.

The fact that Muslim designers also preserve their faith in their creations means a lot as well. In the age of mass-produced fast fashion, modest fashion offers a breath of fresh air. Because items such as the Hijab are highly personal, they need to offer the perfect fit, and this can be achieved only by using high-quality fabrics and a handmade weaving process. What’s more, these clothing items feature artisanal patters and traditional motifs.  

All these changes in the Muslim fashion world contribute to the growth of this sector, which has been focusing on luxury for years. High and low-end designers come up with fresh new capsule collections, and their popularity no longer remains at a local level. 

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House of Harlow 1960 x RAYE’s Glam Styles


House of Harlow 1960 x REVOLVE shoesHouse of Harlow 1960 x REVOLVE offers up a cool shoe collaboration

House of Harlow 1960 and the Raye shoe brand team up for a new footwear collaboration. Forget about a simple black boot, these designs are all about making a statement. From embossed booties to glitter heels and sequined sandals, get ready to upgrade your outfits. A color palette of emerald-green, siren red and metallic silver truly stands out. Discover our favorites from the House of Harlow x Raye shoe collection below, and shop the full line at REVOLVE.com.

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RAYE x House of Harlow 1960 Shoe Collection

Raye x House of Harlow 1960 Kitty Sequin Heel $158Raye x House of Harlow 1960 ‘Kitty’ Sequin Heel $158
Add some sparkle to any outfit with a heel featuring red-hot sequins.Raye x House Harlow 1960 Lily Bootie $228Raye x House Harlow 1960 ‘Lily’ Bootie $228
This neutral bootie features a 3″ heel and back zipper closure.
Raye x House of Harlow 1960 Kane Oxford in Silver $158Raye x House of Harlow 1960 ‘Kane’ Oxford in Silver $158
Bring some shine to a menswear inspired brogue with this silver style.Raye x House Harlow 1960 Ari Heel $168Raye x House Harlow 1960 ‘Ari’ Heel $168
An emerald-green velvet platform serves seventies vibes. Raye x House Harlow 1960 Nick Bootie in Brown $188Raye x House Harlow 1960 ‘Nick’ Bootie in Brown $188
This embossed leather bootie comes with a 3″ heel and pull-on silhouette.Raye x House Harlow 1960 Nelly Heel $148Raye x House Harlow 1960 ‘Nelly’ Heel $148
Step out in these glittered heels featuring a chic wrap ankle and buckle closure.Raye x House Harlow 1960 Juju Heel $148Raye x House Harlow 1960 ‘Juju’ Heel $148
Metallic threading brings a hint of shimmer to a slip-on heel.

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Categories:Other Brands

Chanel Tweed Elaphe CC Filigree Vanity Case
Style code: A93342
Size: 5.1’ x 2.8′ x 6.7′ inches
Price: $4700 USD, €3950 euro, £3580 GBP, $6720 SGD, $6590 AUD, ¥546480 JPY, 17970 MYR, $5750 CAD, $36200 HKD, ¥32200 CNY, ₩5,510,000 WON, ฿160000 Baht

When looking for exotic handbags, there are plenty of choices in the Chanel Fall Winter 2018 Collection. There are Classics like the Extra Mini Flap Bag in Python Leather or collect the Chanel Boy Chain Around Bag in Lizard. Take a good look at the bags below and also the details like the prices and sizes.

  • Chanel Fall Winter 2018 Classic And Boy Bag Collection Act 1
  • Chanel Fall Winter 2018 Seasonal Bag Collection Act 1
  • Chanel Fall Winter 2018 Exotic Bag Collection Act 1
  • Chanel Pre-Fall 2018 Classic Bag Collection
  • Chanel Pre-Fall 2018 Seasonal Bag Collection
  • Chanel Pre-Fall 2018 Exotic Bag Collection
  • Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Classic And Boy Bag Collection Act
  • Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Seasonal Bag Collection Act 2
  • Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Exotic Bag Collection Act 2
  • Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Classic And Boy Bag Collection Act 1
  • Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Seasonal Bag Collection Act 1
  • Chanel Spring Summer 2018 Exotic Bag Collection Act 1
  • Chanel Cruise 2018 Classic And Boy Bag Collection
  • Chanel Cruise 2018 Seasonal Bag Collection
  • Chanel Cruise 2018 Exotic Bag Collection

Chanel Alligator M/L Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A01112
Size: 6.3’ x 10.2′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: Price upon request

Chanel Crackled Lizard New Mini Flap Bag
Style code: A69900
Size: 4.9’ x 7.9′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: $9200 USD, €7800 euro, £6920 GBP, $13270 SGD, $12990 AUD, ¥1078920 JPY, 35490 MYR, $11375 CAD, $71500 HKD, ¥63600 CNY, ₩10,880,000 WON, ฿315500 Baht

Chanel Python Waist Bag
Style code: A57887
Size: 5.1′ x 2.8′ x 8.7’ inches
Price: $5000 USD, €4300 euro, £3810 GBP, ¥595080 JPY, $6350 CAD, $39400 HKD, ¥35000 CNY, ₩ WON, ฿174000 Baht

Chanel Embroidered Orylag Flap Bag
Style code: A57745
Size: 7.7′ x 3.9′ x 11.8’ inches
Price: $12000 USD, €9990 euro, $14575 CAD, $91600 HKD

Chanel Jumbo Python Metallic Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A67086
Size: 5.7′ x 9.8’ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $7200 USD, €6170 euro, £5600 GBP, $10500 SGD, $10300 AUD, ¥853200 JPY, 28080 MYR, $9050 CAD, $56600 HKD, ¥50300 CNY, ₩8,600,000 WON, ฿249500 Baht

Chanel Python M/L Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A01112
Size: 6.3′ x 10.2′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: $10200 USD, €8700 euro, £7820 GBP, $14840 SGD, $14490 AUD, 39720 MYR, $12750 CAD, $79700 HKD, ¥71500 CNY, ₩ WON, ฿352000 Baht

Chanel Python New Mini Classic Flap Bag
Style code: A69900
Size: 4,9’ x 7.9′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: $6000 USD, €5100 euro, £4580 GBP, $8700 SGD, $8490 AUD, 23290 MYR, $7450 CAD, $46700 HKD, ¥41800 CNY, ₩ WON, ฿206500 Baht

Chanel Chevron Sequins Chains Flap Bag
Style code: A57883
Size: 5.5′ x 2′ x 7.9′ inches
Price: $6500 USD, €5550 euro, £4920 GBP, ¥767880 JPY, $8125 CAD, $50900 HKD, ¥45200 CNY, ₩7,680,000 WON, ฿224500 Baht

Chanel Lizard Chain Around Handle Bag
Style code: A94805
Size: 7.9′ x 7.9′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $8700 USD, €7450 euro, £6610 GBP, $12670 SGD, $12440 AUD, ¥1030320 JPY, 33900 MYR, $11000 CAD, $68300 HKD, ¥60700 CNY, ₩10,310,000 WON, ฿301500 Baht

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Photo: PexelsPhoto: Pexels

Are you trying to determine the quality of some custom leather goods and need help? Find out how in this short fashion guide!

 Leather is one of the most important fabrics within the fashion industry. It’s been used for thousands of boots and coats to create an aesthetic that pleases male and female customers. Custom leather goods have been made to help users design their own bags and accessories, letting everyone show their fashion designer within.

So keep reading to learn more about utilizing leather. Following these steps will help you create beautiful designs that will bring the envy of your friends.


Pretend that you can remove a piece of animal hide and look at it with a microscope. On the top layer, you should see the skin pores, hair follicles, scars, and the hair themselves. Placed directly beneath is thick woven tissue and dense fibers. Underneath that is another layer of fiber, which is has a lower density and is laid in a horizontal pattern.

Now, the majority of leather hides is made by special machines. Determining the leather quality depends on what happens in post-production (i.e., how it was skinned, what processed was used, etc.). Here are the common categories of what leather pieces are available:


Full-grain is the best customer leather good quality you’ll find. It’s the hide’s top layer that’s not sanded. So you’ll still see some imperfections, scars, and pores. Also, full-grain leather is desirable because of its natural aroma, durability, or its ability to look like a patina after extended usage.

Photo: PexelsPhoto: Pexels


Top Grain leather shows the pelt’s top layer or the densely packed grain. However, these parts have been sanded down to prevent imperfections. Most Italians can’t describe the difference between a top grain and full leather. So there might be some confusion over which one is the best in Italy.


Bonded leather comes from the results of the completion of other projects. Leather dust, excess pieces, and shavings – that’s been pressed together and shaved in a factory. This is due to the combination of different dyes, glues, and chemicals.

Warning: Bonded leather is spray painted to appear like natural leather grain. You can smell with your nose to determine if the leather is made of Superglue or an authentic cow.


If you’re looking for high-quality leather, don’t get imitation leather. But, ecopelle might be a better solution if you don’t want to buy animal products.


There are a few factors you need to consider when looking for your custom leather goods. View this table to find out. 




The leather should feel supple, soft and smooth, not stiff.


First, smell with your nose. It should smell natural and musky. Avoid any custom leather goods that smell like chemicals. Chemicals are used to cover up lower quality and treat the hides.


The best leather will have a brown or tan appearance. Dyes in green or red, can mark for a low-quality leather. If there are unfinished edges, you should tell if the leather’s color penetrates through the hide or rests on the surface.


The leather stitching needs to be regular and tight, with smaller stitches sewn together

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